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CS:GO DFS Picks: Top DraftKings Value Plays for IEM Katowice 2/20 (FREE)




CS:GO DFS picks DraftKings and FanDuel CS Summit 7

We’re back for another day of action from IEM Katowice. Again, there are six games scheduled for tomorrow but DraftKings has decided to cut the early games from the slate. I’m going to breakdown each matchup and provide my favorite CS:GO DFS picks based on Awesemo’s Projections and Ownership.

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CS:GO DFS Picks – IEM Katowice 2/20

Vitality (VIT) vs Team Liquid (TL)

The first game on the slate happens to be the best one. Team Liquid is coming off two wins to qualify for Katowice and a convincing win in their opener here against FaZe. Liquid shouldn’t be thrilled about coming up against one of the best teams in the world, especially since Vitality’s in-game leader has returned. ApEX was supposed to take a break from gaming but surprisingly returned after only one event. With the return of their leader, Vitality swept OG in the first match. One thing we should note from that match for DFS is that Nivera, who usually subs in Dust2, Nuke, and Inferno, did not replace misutaaa on Dust2. This limits Nivera even more and makes him impossible to roster on DraftKings. These two teams played in January, and the map picks were Nuke, Vertigo, and Dust2. I think these picks will stay the same for this time, with Liquid picking Nuke again after they easily beat FaZe on it. There is a possibility that Inferno gets through as the third map, making shox just a bit risky. For tournaments I’m willing to take that risk, considering Vitality can still sweep Liquid. FalleN is another interesting value option from this game. If Nuke is played as I anticipate, FalleN will look to replicate the monster performance that he had against FaZe.

CS:GO DFS Favorite Plays

Shox ($8,400)

EliGE ($7,200)

FalleN ($5,600)

Heroic (HERO) vs Gambit (GAM)

Honestly, I’m really excited for this matchup. These two rosters have never played against each other, and usually, both teams’ can be hard to predict. Heroic swept BIG in the first round, only to get swept by Spirit in the next round. The reverse happened to Gambit, where they got swept in the first round by EG and then survived elimination by defeating Mousesports. Unfortunately for Heroic, their map pool is not suited well for this matchup. Heroic’s best map, Nuke, also happens to be Gambit’s instant ban, and Gambit’s worst map, Dust2, is Heroic’s instant ban. Heroic will likely have to pick into a map that Gambit is very comfortable playing. If Heroic is to win this match, it will be because they have more experience playing at high level tournaments such as these. It’s convenient that I’m picking Gambit to win because they are much better DFS plays than Heroic. Both of Heroic’s top players are priced above $9,000, while you can roster sh1ro, who has an impressive 0.5 deaths per round, for only $7,400.

CS:GO DFS Favorite Plays

Sh1ro ($7,400)

Hobbit ($7,000)

Ax1LE ($6,200)

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G2 (G2) vs Evil Geniuses (EG)

After adding more firepower to the roster with NiKo, G2 struggled to find consistent success that everyone expected from this roster. For Katowice, G2 has decided to switch the IGL role from Nexa to NiKo. After losing 2-1 to Spirit, they swept BIG in the elimination match. Evil Geniuses find themselves in the loser’s bracket after getting swept by Astralis. I’m going to keep this summary short for two reasons: First, these two teams have played two games recently, with each team taking a win. I don’t think EG sweeps this game, considering G2 will either pick Vertigo or Dust2 (based on what EG ban), and G2 have been flawless against EG on those two maps. If EG wins this game it will most likely be in three maps. Second, no one really stands out to me from a DFS perspective. Sure, NiKo is always capable of putting up big stat lines, but to me, these teams are just too balanced. The kills are usually spread around evenly making it hard to pay a premium price for Brehze and NiKo.

CS:GO DFS Favorite Plays

CeRq ($6,800)

AmaNeK ($4,800)

Natus Vincere (NaVi) vs Furia (FUR)

Furia pleasantly surprised me in their opening match against an in-form NiP. They’re adjusting to having an American on the team, and obviously for any foreign team that presents a challenge of communication. Junior looked really solid in their first map, and I bet arT is relieved that he can go back to playing as a secondary awper. Furia has definitely struggled in the past against NaVi, and I don’t see that changing. NaVi have beaten Furia on Inferno, Furia’s best map, twice in their last two meetings. If this continues then I expect another sweep from NaVi. NaVi has a clear pecking order when it comes to kill distribution, and it’s no surprise that s1mple and electronic are priced accordingly. Paying up for s1mple is always a smart choice, no matter how expensive he is, but I would be more hesitant to pay $9,200 for electronic. Furia, despite being a large underdog, actually provides good value on the slate. Yuurih, who is usually priced in the 8-9k range is only $7,200, and arT is at the minimum price.

CS:GO DFS Favorite Plays

S1mple ($10,200)

Yuurih ($7,200)

arT ($4,000)

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