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LCS Slate Breakdown – League of Legends DFS | July 18




Jeremy Schritt breaks down the 7/18/20 LoL DFS slate, including his favorite League of Legends DraftKings plays and stacks for LCS DFS.

LCS Games

Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) vs. Dignitas (DIG)

Cloud 9 (C9) vs. Evil Geniuses (EG)

Flyquest (FLY) vs. Team Solomid (TSM)

Golden Guardians (GG) vs. Immortals (IMT)

Game Notes


CLG is one big anomaly to me. The team is down about 2,000 gold at 15 minutes on average. Nonetheless, they sit at 5-5 and firmly in contention for an upper-half finish. LoL DFS-wise, their players tend to be very involved in kill participation (KP) with every player over 70%. Awesemo’s ownership projections will likely tell the story of how much I get to, as this is still a loseable matchup for CLG. Pobelter isn’t someone I’ll mind taking shots on here, as Fenix is beatable on champions not named Azir.


It’s never a problem to have a 2-0 week, especially coming into it winless, and that’s exactly what DIG pulled off last week. They finally looked primed and confident, taking both games in just under 55 minutes total, while also putting up 29 kills. Carrying momentum to this game is possible since CLG isn’t one of the top teams. I definitely like some DIG this slate, and with Johnsun being a beast this split, I like him the most on DIG for LoL DFS purposes.


The best team in the LCS tripped over a 100 Thieves team climbing their way up the standings. C9 still leads the LCS in kills per game, while also dying the fewest times, and I love the spot against a struggling EG. Laning shouldn’t pose any issues for C9, and I like their league-best early game to carry them to a relatively simple victory. Nisqy will be facing off against Goldenglue for EG this game, and he shouldn’t find any issues in putting up good numbers in a win.


Goldenglue and Huni will be starting for EG in the mid lane and top lane, respectively. Neither Kumo or Jiizuke were necessarily problems, and with the current one-week contract Goldenglue signed, I’d be surprised if this lasts longer than this week. EG needs to look at the game plan set up by 100, which entails getting a lane ahead early and working from there. Huni is extremely hit or miss, but we just saw Ssumday get ahead early in 100 win against C9, so maybe EG will attempt the same thing.

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It seems like forever ago that FLY was considered one of the best teams in the LCS. The MasH experience might be over as he played academy on Thursday, but check social media to make sure. Somehow FLY still sits in second in kills per game with 15.2 per game, and they’ve only won one game with fewer than fifteen kills. Form isn’t on the side of FLY, but TSM also went 0-2 last week which should make for an interesting game. 2-0 is the goal for FLY, and to get there PowerOfEvil likely needs to be Bjergsen’s kryptonite once again.


Suffering a distasteful loss to IMT, TSM looks to bounce back against FLY. Drafting was the biggest issue in their first series, as the team lacked a consistent damage dealer to deal with MasH on Aphelios. We’re seeing fewer draft hiccups from TSM since that debacle, making it likely they take a close game. Doublelift will be laning with Treatz instead of Biofrost this week, and I like TSM’s new bot lane iteration to find success in game and in LoL DFS.


After navigating a tricky weekend last time out to a 1-1, GG appear to be in prime position to take their record to 6-6 after this weekend. In wins, GG averages just over 17 kills per contest, and coupling that with IMT’s league-leading 14.3 deaths per game could mean a nice fantasy outing. A strong early game performance from Closer means not only GG would likely win also that he would put up a solid score.


Finding positives in their victory over TSM last week is what IMT needs to do going forward. TSM was far from clean, but beating a better team is always impressive. IMT already won the first matchup between these teams, and if they’re able to carry over the form in their TSM win, we could get an interesting bout. Insanity has been very impressive since his call-up, and his team leading 31.2% damage share could aid IMT if they pick up the victory.

Favorite Plays

TOP – Licorice. It’s very easy for me to see a world where C9 camps Huni for Licorice after what happened last time out against Ssumday. In that world, he likely puts up an excellent performance.

ADC – Doublelift. With Treatz at support, I’m more than interested in rostering Doublelift against FLY. The ADC hasn’t been as involved as myself or the team would like, but I like him to start righting the ship with this matchup.

Favorite Contrarian Play

ADC – Johnsun. I still don’t believe too many people will be enamored with playing a mostly not-great DIG squad. Matchup-wise, I don’t hate DIG, and Johnsun is good enough to help DIG win this game.

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I've been following and playing League of Legends for a decade now. Few things get my blood pumping more than a good ol' midnight LPL DFS sweat. I follow each of the four major regions of LoL in the LCK,LCS,LEC and LPL and each one has its own unique flair. Hopefully we can all learn a little bit about LoL DFS and best of luck in your contests! If you want additional fun stuff feel free to follow me @pickemgenius on twitter.

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