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LoL DFS: 3/25/20 League of Legends Slate Breakdown




Jeremy Schritt breaks down the 3/28/20 LoL DFS slate, including his favorite plays and stacks for League of Legends fantasy esports.

For most of you, this will likely be your first taste of the LCK so I’ll be providing most of the focus on the teams playing in the LCK on tonights slate. Get ready for multiple leagues of action happening at once!

March 25, 2020 LCK matchups

Game 1: Griffin (GRF) vs. Gen G. Esports (GEN)

Game 2: KT Rolster (KT) vs. Damwon Gaming (DWG)

Game 3: Hanwha Life Esports (HLE) vs. DragonX (DRX)

March 25, 2020 LPL matchups

Game 1: Victory Five (V5) vs. Oh My God (OMG)

Game 2: Top Esports (TES) vs. JD Gaming (JDG)

Game 3: BiliBili Gaming (BLG) vs. FunPlus Phoenix (FPX)

LCK don’t provide rosters before lock, but here were the starting lineups from the last series:

TOP-Sword TOP-Rascal
JNG-Tarzan JNG-Clid
MID- Ucal MID-Bdd
ADC-Viper ADC-Ruler
SUP-Irove SUP-Life
TOP-SoHwan TOP-Nuguri
JNG-bon0 JNG-Canyon
MID-Kuro MID-ShowMaker
ADC-Aiming ADC-Nuclear
SUP-Tusin SUP-BeryL
TOP-CuVee TOP-Doran
JNG-Haru JNG-Pyosik
MID-Tempt MID-Chovy
ADC-Vsta ADC-Deft
SUP-Lehends SUP-Keria

List of players who have split time at some point this season that started their last series:


TOP-Doran was suspended for the first series of the season.






Matchup 1: Griffin (GRF) vs. Gen G. Esports (GEN)

Team Breakdowns

GRF were one of the top LCK teams last year. This year has proven to be much more difficult as they ended the first round robin dead last with a 2-7 series score and 7-16 game score. They’ve played the slowest games in the LCK tied with T1 at 35:48 while managing only 8.7 kills per game.

The flip side of this matchup gives us GenG. They are currently in first with a 8-1 series score and 17-5 game score. They’ve asserted their dominance in the league averaging a league high 12.8 kills per match while also averaging the fewest deaths per match at 5.8. Look for GEN to cruise through this matchup.

Top Targets From Both Teams

Viper is legit. The ADC is an immense talent stuck on a slumping team. He rocks a 75.2% kill participation (KP) and a 34.3% damage share. If GRF are to even sniff a victory, they will need him to maintain his high performance level.

This matchup is very good for GEN across the board. Rascal has the best individual matchup against presumed starter Sword, but can he make it fruitful for DFS purposes? Bdd is a rock in the mid lane. He’s got the highest KP and is playing on the best team in the league which could easily produce a ceiling game or two in this series.

Matchup 2: KT Rolster (KT) vs. Damwon Gaming (DWG)

Team Breakdowns

Before the break, KT won their previous four series after starting 0-5. In the eight games they’ve won in their last four series, they’ve averaged 14.5 kills per game, so despite them ranking last in the league at 8.4 kills per game, they have shown that in series wins they can get it done. This matchup against DWG has all the potential to be a close affair.

DWG is another team that’s struggled since representing LCK at Worlds in 2019. They sit at 4-5 with a 10-12 game score, which currently places them as the last team in the playoffs. DWG are known as a team with talented solo laners, and if their bot lane can hold their own, they typically perform well. DWG have recently signed ADC Ghost, so keep an eye out to see if news breaks that he starts today. This matchup is potentially one both teams need to make playoffs, but one I believe DWG will edge out.

Top Targets From Both Teams

Aiming has been a monster for KT this split, and has by far the easiest lane matchup in the series. He rocks a 75.8% KP and an insane 35.8% damage share. bon0 has been exceptionally solid in game wins, and if KT want to neutralize the strong solo laners of DWG, they’ll likely need his assistance.

On the topic of solo laners, could I interest you in one Nuguri? In their first matchup against KT, Nuguri participated in 27 of the team’s 30 kills, and had the highest damage per minute in the series at 727. ShowMaker wasn’t far behind in that series, and could also be trusted as someone who will perform well if DWG win the series.

Matchup 3: Hanwha Life Esports (HLE) vs. DragonX (DRX)

Team Breakdowns

HLE called themselves the Korean G2 earlier this split. Despite their overall lack of success in the first round robin, they have provided some, let’s call them interesting, series. They sit at 3-6 with an 8-14 game record. They’re difficult to predict sometimes, but their matchup against DRX should prove too difficult.

DRX is a team that decided to blend new talent with some veterans this year. Currently this strategy has led to a 7-2 series score and 16-7 game score which is good for third just behind the two teams they’ve lost a series to. DRX has a bevy of reliable players, and the matchup against HLE could always prove interesting, but nonetheless should result in a victory for them.

Top Targets From Both Teams

HLE is a weird team. CuVee is difficult to trust, but has a very high damage share for a top laner at 24% while also having the experience edge of DRX top laner Doran. Haru facilitates a lot, as shown with his 74% KP, and if he can keep HLE on a more focused game plan, he could score well in a series win.

Deft is the obvious place to start with DRX. The ADC has a matchup against support turned ADC in Vsta, and even though Lehends is very solid, 17-year-old phenom Keria has shown he belongs at the highest level. If Pyosik can take control of the jungle matchup, he has the kind of ceiling you shouldn’t mind taking chances on.

My favorite plays for the slate     

OMG. The article mostly touches on LCK teams, but LPL is the other half of this slate. OMG is playing last place Victory Five today and they are not prohibitively expensive. Everyone on OMG is an excellent play. The question is how much do you want, and how much will the field have?

SUP-Life. There’s been a recent strategy where if not banned, Senna is selected for the ADC. Senna then proceeds to not farm, and the support instead farms. GEN has played Senna three times in their last three series, and while predicting picks and bans is risky, it’s really just a potential bonus for Life who is a good play regardless. GEN has a matchup they should dominate, and LCK players might go underowned since they are sharing a slate with the generally more explosive LPL.

MID-Yagao. The JDG mid laner is almost the same price as his jungler. The matchup is a difficult one against Knight, but TES as a whole has proven to be very beatable this year. I’ll be taking stabs that Yagao facilitates enough for JDG in what should be a series win for them.

Favorite contrarian play of the day

DragonX. I fully believe LCK teams will see lower ownership than their LPL counterparts. They probably should be, but I’ll be doing my best to find ways to be over the field on teams I think have potential to score well. HLE averages 12.5 deaths per game and they are unafraid of opting into weird games.

I've been following and playing League of Legends for a decade now. Few things get my blood pumping more than a good ol' midnight LPL DFS sweat. I follow each of the four major regions of LoL in the LCK,LCS,LEC and LPL and each one has its own unique flair. Hopefully we can all learn a little bit about LoL DFS and best of luck in your contests!

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