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LPL Slate Breakdown – League of Legends DFS | July 20




Jeremy Schritt breaks down the 7/24/20 LoL DFS slate, including his favorite League of Legends plays and stacks for LPL and LCK DFS.

Four teams in playoff position duke it out in a two-game LoL DFS slate where every team is very live. I’m breaking down this stellar two-gamer and laying out some of my favorite LoL DFS picks.

LPL Series

Series 1: Team WE (WE) vs. LGD Gaming (LGD)

Series 2: Victory Five (V5) vs. Invictus Gaming (IG)

LPL Starting Lineups

TOP-Morgan TOP-Langx
JNG-beishang JNG-Peanut
MID-Teacherma MID-xiye
ADC-Jiumeng ADC-Kramer
SUP-Missing SUP-Mark
TOP-Biubiu TOP-TheShy
JNG-Weiwei JNG-Ning
MID-Mole MID-Rookie
SUP-ppgod SUP-Baolan

Series Notes


Off the back of two straight 2-1 series wins against bottom feeders DMO and LNG, WE could use this series to make a statement. WE has quietly become not as bad early game,but still not where one would like a presumed top team to be at. All of the teams on the slate are live, and WE needs to use their strong team play to knock off LGD. Jiumeng leads the team in kill participation (KP) at 78.2%, and he often performs in series WE wins.


It’s been an up-and-down split for LGD, and this is another team that needs to buck that trend by getting a series win here. For such an inconsistent team, LGD does have a positive gold differential per minute, while on average rocking a gold lead at 15 minutes, unlike their opponents. Langx gets a weird amount of flack, but I still feel fully comfortable rostering him on the LoL DFS front, as I believe he’s still extremely solid.

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We’re no longer at the point where V5 being favored over IG is surprising, even if IG is technically ahead of them in the standings. This team has shown elite levels of play in the LPL, and current bottom teams should look at what they’re doing as a possible blueprint in the future. V5 is capable of taking advantage of the cracks IG presents at times, and I’m going to love watching this series. Weiwei might be the most impressive player on V5 this split, and he’s capable of outjungling Ning.


With a 19-12 game record and a 9-3 series record, IG finds itself second in the LPL. It’s likely that, in terms of overall talent and with the return of Baolan, they’ve patched up some of their deficiencies. There shouldn’t be a question of if IG can challenge V5, and if they are to take the series, they will have to lead the slate in kills per game. It always feels weird to play TheShy, but he’s still doing almost 30% of his team’s damage, while being fully capable of showing up at any time.

Favorite Plays

SUP – ppgod. One area V5 should feel comfortable having the talent advantage in is the SUP position. Ppgod is good, and with nearly a 75% KP, he involves himself heavily with the team.

JNG – beishang. I’m having a difficult time figuring out who I hope to be over based on Awesemo’s ownership projections, but from WE that player will be beishang. Hopefully I won’t need to go crazy to meet the field, as I like every team on this slate.

Favorite Contrarian Play

MID – xiye. Xiye has been pretty solid throughout the split, and he might be one of the more overlooked LGD players. The lane matchup doesn’t scare me, and LGD could very well take the series.

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I've been following and playing League of Legends for a decade now. Few things get my blood pumping more than a good ol' midnight LPL DFS sweat. I follow each of the four major regions of LoL in the LCK,LCS,LEC and LPL and each one has its own unique flair. Hopefully we can all learn a little bit about LoL DFS and best of luck in your contests! If you want additional fun stuff feel free to follow me @pickemgenius on twitter.