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LoL DFS Picks: DraftKings LPL + LCK Slate Breakdown | Saturday, 4/3




LoL DFS Picks for LPL DraftKings lineups on March 9 2021

Playoffs remain in full swing, and tonight we’re getting another LPL and LCK combo slate. I’m breaking down the two games, as well some of their LoL DFS implications below. With the help of Alex Baker’s industry-leading League of Legends DFS projections, we’ll find some of the best DraftKings LoL DFS picks and top stacks.

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LCK Series

Damwon Kia (DWG) vs. Hanwha LIfe Esports (HLE)

LPL Series

FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) vs. Rare Atom (RA)

LoL DFS Picks: DraftKings LPL + LCK Slate Breakdown


For my money, this first series involves the two most exciting LCK teams for LoL DFS. One look at the odds paints this as a series in which DWG should have few problems dominating even though their regular season meetings were competitive. When all is said and done, I do like kings of the LCK to come out victorious, and one look at the Top Stacks Tool seems to not only agree, but prove fruitful for this two game slate. I do have concerns that this could be a close battle between two good teams, but that won’t stop me from getting a fair amount of LCK Spring Split MVP Canyon tonight.


If you take a peek at the last time HLE took on DWG, you might be rather surprised to see that HLE was in a very good position to beat DWG 2-1. In an infinite sense, the line on this game seems really absurd, so if the ownership projections have HLE at the bottom, then I’ll have no problems getting there tonight. It’s important to note that my trust in HLE isn’t built on a solid foundation, and getting smoked by T1 last time out doesn’t paint a pretty picture, nonetheless outside of the JNG position, DWG doesn’t skill gap anyone from HLE. Chovy vs. Showmaker is an exciting lane assignment tonight, and Chovy getting the better of it likely puts HLE in a position to have success tonight in a difficult series.

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Ending the night gives up the LPL playoff matchup of FPX vs. RA. FPX is the most difficult team to assess currently as even though Tian is obviously very solid, his sabbatical while understandable for him, makes it trickier for LoL DFS players, especially as a one off shellacking of BLG last time out, while looking good, isn’t exactly the level of competition they’ll see tonight. Regardless of all of that, I’ll be trusting FPX plenty tonight, as I do still view them as the more stable, well rounded squad even if this ends up being a competitive series. Pricing on FPX is wild, as some of their players are more expensive than DWG, so when I end up building, Awesemo’s Ownership Projections will get me to where I want on this weirdly priced FPX squad.


RA is in a solid position to advance against a really good, but beatable FPX squad. Even though game three was more of an FPX throw, RA did beat FPX in their regular season meeting, and it was a bloody three game series with both teams piling up over 50 kills, although almost half of the kills in that series happened in game three. Since RA is the cheaper team, it’ll be much easier finding stacks with them and DWG tonight, and certainly those are lines I have interest in. If you view this series as a close encounter, getting weird and running one offs from this series might make really strong looking lines even if it makes it more difficult for them to hit. Leyan should be the motor for RA tonight. Getting him going will put RA in a more advantageous position, and Leyan has a little crazy in him as well which is exciting for LoL DFS purposes.

Favorite DraftKings LoL DFS Pick

JNG – Canyon. Quite frankly, this is the biggest skill gap on the slate. Fortunately the Projections agree with my line of thinking as Canyon is easily the highest projected JNG.

Favorite Contrarian DraftKings LoL DFS Pick

MID – Chovy. Neither FPX nor RA will be massively contrarian tonight, so that really does leave a potentially wildly low owned HLE on the table. Chovy is still world class, and HLE isn’t a team I wish to overlook tonight.

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I've been following and playing League of Legends for a decade now. Few things get my blood pumping more than a good ol' midnight LPL DFS sweat. I follow each of the four major regions of LoL in the LCK,LCS,LEC and LPL and each one has its own unique flair. Hopefully we can all learn a little bit about LoL DFS and best of luck in your contests! If you want additional fun stuff feel free to follow me @pickemgenius on twitter.

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