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League of Legends DFS: LoL DraftKings Picks & World Championship 2021 Play-In Day 1 | Tuesday, 10/5/21




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Welcome to the League of Legends World Championship 2021. The teams are all prepared for the pinnacle of their season, and it all starts this morning in Iceland. With Worlds starting, so does the LoL DFS lineup building process. Breaking down each team for Day 1 of the League of Legends World Championship, we will find some of the best LoL DFS picks for DraftKings lineups on Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2021.

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LoL DFS Picks: DraftKings Worlds Day 1 Slate Breakdown


Coming off an impressive run through playoffs and the gauntlet, LNG enters the play-in stage with quite a bit of momentum. This will be their second game of the day, and PCE is unfortunately not at the level of LNG, especially with a fill-in top laner for the tournament. Tarzan will correctly be quite popular tonight, but Ale is a player LNG can enable, and while Vizicsacsi is a veteran top laner, expecting him to immediately enter the team and find success is ambitious.


PCE is a team that needs to make peace with the fact that they are in a group with two heavy hitters, and as such most of their focus really should be on finding ways to not finish last in the group. Fill-in top laner Vizicsacsi gets thrown to the wolves, as does the rest of PCE in their opening Worlds 2021 game. LoL DFS aspirations are incredibly low here, but brave souls will need Babip to not get skill gapped by Tarzan to even have a shot.


Unfortunately for LoL DFS fans, instead of getting HLE/LNG on the main slate, we get both teams in spots where they are clearly superior to their counterparts. Chovy and Deft are more than capable of finding enough success to enter the group stage, and both are also in better form after their gauntlet run. HLE really does run through Chovy, and seeing him lead the team in kill participation (KP) during play-ins like he did during the regional finals would be far from surprising.


Having only played one playoff series to find themselves at Worlds 2021, INF are a team that quietly has quite a bit of international experience, but INF finds themselves in a tough spot in their second game of the first day of play-ins. Whitelotus is likely one of the region’s best players of all time, and while everyone will need to over perform, he’s the most interesting LoL DFS pick from this team, although it’s a grim outlook for the LLA squad in this spot.

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Historically one of the more entertaining international teams, UOL’s performance at MSI was completely underwhelming given their group. After making the switch to Argonavt at the ADC position for summer, UOL comfortably won the regular season before needing a lower bracket run to secure their Worlds spot. UOL is a wonderful team to take shots on in a spot against a DFM team entering Worlds with as much hype as any LJL team ever has, and Nomanz is a key cog of the machine that has solid LoL DFS upside tonight.


Perhaps the biggest surprise performance of MSI 2021 came from DFM, as they missed a few opportunities to close games out against DK and C9 which undoubtedly would have been the surprise result of the tournament. They are in for a real test in the more evenly distributed group, and netting a positive result against a tricky UOL squad would be a huge success. Steal is the most consistent performer for DFM, while also putting up a pristine 82.6% KP at MSI 2021, although if DFM is too popular tonight, taking shots elsewhere could be a strong play.


GS were clear victors in the TCL in the summer split, losing only four games throughout the regular season and playoffs. Their LoL DFS prospects also project favorably in wins, as they averaged 17.7 kills per game in the regular season, with an incredible 2.4 assists per kill. Tonight presents a trickier test, and they are correctly the underdog, but the skill gap here is not as high as the opening two games of the slate. Crazy is an interesting top laner, and while his KP took a dip in playoffs, meeting his regular season numbers in a win makes for an enticing LoL DFS option.


As the only team that took a series off of PSG this year, BYG has a solid shot to find themselves advancing to the main event. BYG is in one of the two closer matches, and even though they are favorites, there’s potential they go overlooked with HLE and LNG in such comfortable spots. Doggo is an interesting prospect for the future, as shown by his performance when subbing in for PSG at MSI, and he is in a good LoL DFS spot tonight, especially if BYG is not very popular.

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Top Pick

JNG – Tarzan. There is worry that both LNG and HLE are not as aggressive as LoL DFS fans will want them to be, but the biggest skill difference on the slate belongs to Tarzan tonight, making him an extremely safe LoL DFS pick tonight.

Top Contrarian Pick

ADC – Argonavt. The lightly tested rookie ADC is thrown into the fire against one of the faces of LJL LoL in Yutapon, but UOL is a team capable of getting the win, making Argonavt a fine option for LoL DFS.

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