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LPL Slate Breakdown: LoL DFS DraftKings Picks | 1/9




Jeremy Schritt breaks down the LoL DFS slate, including his favorite DraftKings League of Legends DFS Picks and stacks for the Worlds Finals.

LPL is back! New season means more late night LoL DFS, and more crazy results while most of us are sleeping.  I’m breaking down the start of what is almost certainly going to be the most exciting league to follow in 2021 before the LCK joins us in a few days. Let’s get into some of the DraftKings LoL DFS picks.

LPL Series

Top Esports (TES) vs. Suning (SN)

Oh My God (OMG) vs. Edward Gaming (EDG)

LPL Starting Lineups

TOP-369 TOP-bin
JNG-Karsa JNG-SofM
MID-Knight MID-Angel
ADC-JackeyLove ADC-huanfeng
TOP-Flandre TOP-New
MID-Scout MID-Wuming
ADC-Viper ADC-Eric
SUP-Meiko SUP-Cold

Series Notes


TES opens the year as one of the teams that expects to contend for titles once again. Zhuo is the new addition to the roster, and it’ll be interesting to see how him and yuyanjia split time if they do at all. Opening against Worlds finalists SN isn’t an easy task, nonetheless they’re favorites, and rightly so. Jackeylove is one of my favorite LoL DFS options on this squad, in a series that I really like TES to take down. My main worry rostering TES is that I worry they might be too popular. Will LoL DFS players be excited to roster Worlds Finalist SN, or the overall more talented team in TES? My guess is with a lot of the cheaper players from EDG starting tonight, that TES/EDG stacks will be incredibly chalky.


It’s rough coming into a year with less buzz around a squad that just went to the finals of Worlds. SwordArt joined TSM in the offseason, with ON being the replacement. ON participated in both NEST 2020 and the Demacia Cup where SN went a combined 3-8, however that was not with huanfeng. This roster overperformed at Worlds, but they’re not scrubs, and I’m most interested in seeing how the public perceives them in the early stages of spring. SofM is the main cog of this SN squad, making hm not only important to the success of SN, but a solid LoL DFS option to boot.


I’m not sure where the success will come from with OMG this year. Only Eric and Cold remain from the 2020 LPL squad, and many of  the new players don’t exactly inspire confidence. The good news for OMG is that early season is capable of crazy results, as is the LPL in general, making OMG a potentially juicy target if everyone is avoiding them. AKi is easily the player I’m most excited for on this new roster as he had an exceptional kill participation on TES’ LDL team, while also looking integrated during OMG’s Demacia Cup run which featured a win over FPX.


Flandre is finally on a new team. There’s reason to be cautiously optimistic for this EDG roster as there is a lot of collective talent. Whether or not that talent immediately gels is another question, but this is a squad that would be shocking to not see make playoffs. In regards to LoL DFS, my initial worries stem from the fact that I worry many people will just not want to play OMG, potentially overinflating EDG’s ownership. JieJie is one of my favorite pieces from EDG tonight. V1per is a great get at the ADC position, but I think JieJie needs to get going for EDG to be a fruitful LoL DFS option tonight. One final note, a lot of the cheaper options from EDG are starting on DraftKings making lineup construction with the favorites easier.

Favorite DraftKings LoL DFS Picks

Top- Flandre. It’s a shame Flandre has never been to an international event, but that could all change this year. He’s an aggressively smart top laner who can pop off, and it’s entirely possible that EDG wants to make their new top laner at home by pitching a tent in his lane to start the year.

SUP-Zhuo. Most of this comes from the fact that more casual observers might not be aware that Zhuo is starting. This could possibly decrease ownership, making him a TES player that could be easier to be over the field on, even if he is the cheaper of the two supports and opens up more builds.

Favorite contrarian DraftKings LoL DFS Pick

ADC-huanfeng. SN is a good team. They’re going to be competitive more often than not, while having recent Worlds success. Huanfeng is a star, so if he meshes well with ON, he and SN are capable of taking down TES.

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I've been following and playing League of Legends for a decade now. Few things get my blood pumping more than a good ol' midnight LPL DFS sweat. I follow each of the four major regions of LoL in the LCK,LCS,LEC and LPL and each one has its own unique flair. Hopefully we can all learn a little bit about LoL DFS and best of luck in your contests! If you want additional fun stuff feel free to follow me @pickemgenius on twitter.

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