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📽️ THESE PLAYERS Can Win Your 2021 Fantasy Football League

Nathan Joyce



Awesemo fantasy football expert Eric Lindquist is here bringing you the top fantasy football sleepers and players that can win your leagues in 2021. Eric will break down some of the best players to target in your last-minute drafts to help take you to the top of your leagues. Check out Eric’s full list of fantasy football sleepers, and be sure to check out the rest of the Awesemo NFL fantasy football tools, data and rankings.

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2021 Fantasy Football Sleepers & League-Winners

Fantasy Football Draft & Rankings

Prepping for a fantasy football draft can be a time-consuming, confusing process. Spending hours reading through magazines, online articles and listening to podcasts can leave you sifting through a mishmash of conflicting and often useless information. It is difficult figuring out who to trust and which stats are noise and which are not. You have probably come across players considered “breakout” picks in one article, only to see them labeled as “busts” in another.

The reason for this is simple: There are too many available statistics to choose from, and many of the ones that are used by analysts contain little, if any, predictive value. In fact, even the statistics that do offer predictive value can be harmful when viewed in isolation. When citing individual statistics – as analysts often do – they can make a case for anyone. If you are tired of groupthink and industry consensus, maybe it is time for a data-driven approach.

Fortunately, Awesemo has created first-rate rankings based on projections. Good projections consider millions of data points. They then determine which data points are most predictive and aggregate them into a single overarching number for each player, culminating in a ranking system that takes relativity into account.

The Awesemo Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet: NFL Preseason Week 3

Whether you have an off-line draft or want a quick, easy-to-view cheat sheet for your fantasy football draft, we have you covered with all types of different league scoring, from full PPR to half PPR to standard. You can also download our cheat sheets by positional ranking and cross them off your draft or use them in conjunction with our draft wingman tool, which allows you to keep track of how each pick improves your roster. All our cheatsheets are based on Alex Baker’s rankings and projections. The world’s No. 1 DFS player, Alex put his daily fantasy model to use to calculate game-by-game projections for the entire NFL season for every fantasy-relevant player. He used over/unders, win totals, spreads, and metrics like targets, routes run and yards per attempt to produce one simple, easy-to-use number for your drafts. After that, Awesemo factored in positional scarcity and relative value to reach a final set of rankings and tiers.

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Strength of Schedule Tool

Not every week is equal in fantasy football, especially when it comes to beating your friends in the playoffs. If you preferentially choose players who have a favorable schedule going into Weeks 15 and 16, you will have a great chance of success. The Awesemo Strength of Schedule Tool is not your regular list of good and bad defenses by week. Alex Baker has put his projections to work – using game lines from the season coupled with specific stats to create a rating for each matchup that is not solely based on last year’s performances. Types of defenses are also taken into account. Inside, run-stuffing defenses may allow no points to bruising backs who continually run through the A-gap, but what about pass-catching backs like Christian McCaffrey or Alvin Kamara? Awesemo’s Strength of Schedule Tool treats those backs differently, for example, and tailors the strength of schedule to their unique situations. We have also grouped each player’s strength of schedule by periods of the season. Want to know how a player grades out during the playoffs? Just toggle the playoff column. Got a guillotine league where you need to be great right off the bat? Toggle Weeks 1 to 4.

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If all that free content isn't enough for you to dominate your Fantasy Football draft this year, check out the Awesemo Fantasy Football Draft Kit, which includes sophisticated tools and proprietary fantasy data that you can only get from us. Want more fantasy football news today? Check out our fantasy football draft rankings, our fantasy football cheat sheet, our fantasy football late-round sleepers and our NFL player draft profiles. We've also got a brand new Fantasy Football YouTube Channel where you can tune in every day for the best fantasy videos in the business.

I'm a wannabe athlete whose athletic career ended after a long tenure riding the bench through JV baseball. The fantasy sports and sports betting degen side of me blossomed at age 12 when I found fantasy baseball and football, and led to a 12-year submergence into the poker scene -- I started playing "secret" cash games in my parents' basements by age 14. Luckily, I've finally found what I love to do -- write about "fake sports," which my girlfriend refers to it as, though it only took me until age 30. If you decide you like the words I write and follow me on Twitter (@nd_joyce), I apologize in advance for the copious amounts of dog photos you will see.

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