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Introducing Awesemo’s Mock Draft Wingman!

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Ever gone into a mock draft waiting room in August, only to end up waiting 15 minutes for an open draft room, then having half the people in your mock either take forever to make their picks or stop participating by round six? With the all new Awesemo Mock Draft Wingman that old-school style of mock drafting is now a thing of the past.

Our Mock Draft Wingman is designed to help you get ready for your 2021 fantasy football drafts by using our propriety algorithm, which can support any number of league types. It replicates the way your league mates are expected to draft, giving you a unique experience every single time. Rather than taking forever to complete a mock draft on traditional sites, this allows you to speed up your process and gain multiple simulations of how your league is going to draft from whatever draft position you end up with – endless chances to plan your attack! Awesemo’s Mock Draft Wingman also recommends players you should draft based on the world’s number #1 daily fantasy sports player’s rankings relative to ADP.

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Using the Awesemo Mock Draft Wingman Tool

Starting Off

When entering the Awesemo Mock Draft Wingman, you’ll be asked to enter your league settings, draft type and draft position so that we can customize your mock draft and tailor it to your specific league and draft position. Choose from standard, PPR and .5 PPR scoring, enter the number of teams, the draft type, set your roster positions and you’re good to go! If you’re drafting first overall you’ll need to make a pick in order to start simulating the draft, if not, the draft will begin simulating up until your pick.

Recommended Players

Once its your turn to pick, the tool will recommend which players you should draft, based on our rankings and on relative ADP. It offers suggestions like “best available” and “best available TE,” and it wont recommend positions to draft if you’ve already invested a lot of draft capital. Take Christian McCaffrey and Clyde Edwards-Helaire in rounds one and two and you wont see a recommended RB to draft for a while. Just click on whatever player you’d like to draft to add them to your team.

Your Draft is Complete. Nice Work, Coach!

Once your draft is complete you’ll receive a draft grade and a score out of 100 for your draft, as well as individual position grades. You’ll be able to see your team, and scroll through all the other teams in the draft to see how each team ended up.

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