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@AwesemoDFS @Awesemo_Com First week using the site and @FantasyCruncher opto. Can't say it did me dirty.

Thanks @FantasyCruncher
Shout out to @Awesemo_Com @JoshEngleman @DFSnDONUTS for telling me to fade Boston Scott today.

⁦@AwesemoDFS⁩ ⁦@PeteTheHeatMMA⁩ here’s the other 2nd place team just as evidence. Thanks for the knowledge in both basketball and MMA... B-ball paid off tonight, MMA will next time. You guys rock!!

Not a bad night for Newsgod! Shout out the team @Loughy_D @ShipMyMoneyDFS @JoshEngleman @FantasyFlurry @gehrenbergdfs @SalVetriDFS and of course @AwesemoDFS #teamawesemo

Got second place in the $1 minimax. @AwesemoDFS @Awesemo_Com @EmacDFS @JoshEngleman and @Loughy_D tried to their best to help me, but @bbelt9 had a monster night and cut my profit from 11k to 6k. 150-max is very different from 20-max, but still a good night!

Shout out to guys at Awesemo for the tip on Ty Dillon yesterday! @RaceSheets @AwesemoDFS @AwesemoNASCAR

The @Awesemo_Com LAL-POR #draftkings Showdown Optimal lineup placed first. 1/5945. Thanks bro! $1 tourney split 51 ways, but I’ll take it ! 🙌🏼

@AwesemoNBA Finally took something down! Scooped up the @Awesemo_Com special offer this week to try it out. Thinking I’m gonna stick with it 😉 stupid Schroeder almost got me #NotToday

@Awesemo_Com @JakeHari @SlimCliffy thank you guys!! Your content is the best!!

@Awesemo_Com @AwesemoDFS nothing crazy but I wanted to try a week NBA with you guys, put $25 in my DFS account and have been slaying it!! Thanks guys.

2 nights in a row!!! Are you kidding me??? Thank you @AwesemoNBA @Awesemo_Com Fantasy Cruncher just bringing me more than I ever thought possible in my DraftKings career 2 nights in a row now @JoshEngleman

i've been sleeping 2pm-10pm to grind this shit so you better believe i'm posting a screenshot

Well, @Awesemo_Com has officially made me obsessed with NBA DFS. Listening to all of the YouTube shows and looking at all the projections has been really interesting and I'm winning money (not much...yet !) for the 2nd night in a row

Congratulations are in order to Awesemo user tmast0112! That’s quite a hit!

Glad NBA is back shout out to @Awesemo_Com and @FantasyCruncher 🔥🔥

#WholeNewGame @AwesemoNBA GIVEAWAY!
See image for details on how to win an Awesemo+ NBA year pass (A $400 value!)

Must follow @Awesemo_Com & @AwesemoNBA to win and like❤️this tweet to be eligible

LFG!!! KCMO from @AwesemoMLB had a nice payday last night!!

sign up and this can be you!

Finally took a DFS tournament down!! Won the 1$ minimax for $3000 MLB last night, despite Craig Kimbrels great attempt to blow the Cubs game. Thank you Jeremy Jefress for your heroics. Had 75 lineups going with the help of @FantasyCruncher and @Awesemo_Com

So nice had to do it twice! Have subbed to every site out there and @AwesemoDFS + @FantasyCruncher changed my game. Best tools in the biz for every sport hands down. Thanks guys!!

@AwesemoDFS @FantasyCruncher Will refrain from #screenshotlife from here on out, but 4 GPP binks in the past 3 slates is the hottest MLB heater I’ve ever been on. Hopefully next time I’ll act like I’ve been there before lol. Thanks again! @Awesemo_Com @FantasyCruncher

I can’t complain about the return of MLB. Big props to @Awesemo_Com , @AwesemoMLB , @digitalb21 and the gang in Slack today. Top 3’s in these two contests, I’m so grateful!

A single game takedown from one our @AwesemoMLB expert chat members!


Thanks Josh! So happy to see you guys killing it

Thanks Josh! So happy to see you guys killing it
Josh Kirk@joshkirkphoto

@PeteTheHeatMMA Great show this week, you talked me onto much more Aspinall!

What a night on @DraftKings. Thanks @AwesemoDFS for the great info!!

Another very profitable NASCAR DFS slate! Great projections from @AwesemoNASCAR @Awesemo_Com once again. Over 3.5k profit on NASCAR this week. Awesemo plus is what helped me go from bleeding money to making money!

Thanks @AwesemoDFS @JakeHari for the strategy tips on Live Before Lock. I certainly wouldn’t have made these lineups without the advice. MLB is back! @AwesemoHOF

Nice start to MLB season, thanks @Awesemo_Com @AwesemoMLB @AwesemoHOF for all the great content!

Nice way to return to MLB DFS! Thank you again to the team at @Awesemo_Com for your projections and analysis. @AwesemoDFS @JakeHari @JoshEngleman @ShipMyMoneyDFS @Loughy_D

Thank you @AwesemoMLB @Awesemo_Com @AwesemoDFS Just took down this $1 tourney using your projections. Tied with 8 others... But a wins a win! Nice way to start the MLB season!!! Not the first and not the last 🔥

Congratulations to “Cbunge” from our @AwesemoGolf slack on a very nice weekend!

@AwesemoDFS @Awesemo_Com @DraftKings I also had the seemingly optimal lineup in the minimax

Thanks to the probability model I have been tweaking with and @AwesemoDFS @Awesemo_Com 's top driver tool, I took down the $12 single entry on @DraftKings !

Took down the Fanduel NASCAR $7 Quick Pick tourney with the help of projections and info from @Awesemo_Com @AwesemoNASCAR

Looks like time to get an Ashley Westwood Jersey .. takes elbow like a champ ... write ups and projected outcomes of games always @Awesemo_Com ... projections always on point thanks @AwesemoDFS ... @AwesemoSoccer

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