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@AwesemoHOF Back to Back days finishing top 2 in the showdown 🔥

Barely woke up this morning, made lineups using @Awesemo_Com top stacks, and went back to sleep. Sweated the whole afternoon!

Thanks @gehrenbergdfs @AwesemoDFS @rynpak @Loughy_D @ShipMyMoneyDFS @JoshEngleman @digitalb21 @EmacDFS @EricLindquist

@JoshNaylor44 unreal triple play

Almost took down my first single entry tonight. Guess I’ll have to settle for being the first loser.
@AwesemoNBA @Awesemo_Com @Loughy_D @ShipMyMoneyDFS

Three nights in a row with a main slate NBA takedown somewhere in DFS. Ran away with it a little tonight but for a smaller prize. On a nice little roll!

@AwesemoHOF appreciate you guys for all your hard work been rocking with you guys for years now💪🏾

@Loughy_D @AwesemoHOF @AwesemoDFS not quite 3k entrants bu none the less. I will take the money. Thanks for the shows today.

Had a takedown (tied for 1st) in the quarter jukebox tonight! Thanks @Awesemo_Com and the team for all the great tools! @AwesemoHOF @Loughy_D @EmacDFS

Finished 2nd place to win $1,000 last night. Draymond Green 4% 🤑🏀 Shoutout to @DK__DFS and @Awesemo_Com for the daily info 🤙🏼💯 #DailyFantasySports

@AwesemoHOF just a weekend player but with the help of live before lock and Alex's projections I got a winner

@AwesemoHOF so does this mean I get two months ? 😁

@AwesemoNBA Thank you for all of the work you do! Just took down my first tournament on NHA

Congratulations to "Cheezy T" of the @AwesemoNBA expert chat! He won the NBA $300K SHOOTAROUND [$100K TO 1ST] on #DraftKings tonight!

Nice night of #nba #DraftKings #wins #GamblingTwitter @AwesemoNBA

Single bullet! Thanks @Awesemo_Com @AwesemoDFS @JoshEngleman @Loughy_D @rynpak @EricLindquist @gehrenbergdfs @Newzgod_dfs @ShipMyMoneyDFS @ChrisSpags @Jason_Floyd and the rest of the team for all the amazing content! Shoutout to @chrisboucher for an amazing performance tonight!!

@AwesemoHOF screenshot of my top 3 finish

Another top 5 finish. Wrong contest selection tho

Thanks @AwesemoDFS @rynpak @gehrenbergdfs @ShipMyMoneyDFS @Loughy_D @JoshEngleman @EricLindquist @EmacDFS @SpudKelly

I really need to ask for my free months of @Awesemo_Com but keep forgetting

Ready for Masters @DFSgolfer23 !

A little bink to start my tenure @Awesemo_Com gonna drink some bubbly on the show tonight. 8pm... be there!

@Awesemo_Com Just took down my first tournament all because of the tools you all provide!

@AwesemoHOF Does this WIN get me in the HOF?? Ironically Awesemo right above me? I mentioned it to him and @AwesemoNBA on Friday when we won but y’all must have missed it. This is 3rd one this month with Awsemos numbers and listening to your shows. Can’t thank you guys enough.

Already got a 2nd place finish in a large field GPP on Day 2 of the MLB season with the assistance of the Awesemo tools @AwesemoHOF

@AwesemoHOF I took down the 5center on fandul Thursday. Never Thought I'd say this but shoutout to @JoshEngleman for talking me off the massively over-owned James harden 😂

@AwesemoHOF Thanks for all the help! I took down the BIG one $1

@AwesemoHOF Updated Picture, Took down $1 SE thanks to help from all the people at Awesemo

@AwesemoHOF @JoshEngleman and @Loughy_D talked me into the 9 for 9. Know nothing about baseball. Literally just used the baseball suite. 3rd out of 240k!!! #nicespread

Bink my first MLB tournament (and got two @Awesemo_Com logos in the top 10)!

Thanks for the content @AwesemoDFS @rynpak @EmacDFS @digitalb21 @Loughy_D @ShipMyMoneyDFS @JoshEngleman @DFSMax

Thanks @FantasyCruncher and @d0wnsideofme

The last two weeks have been great DFS-wise!

3 lineups in the top 10 thanks to @Awesemo_Com @AwesemoDFS @AwesemoNBA @DK__DFS

@Awesemo_Com @AwesemoNBA I was so nervous that this lineup would be ultra chalky but the fade of Hartenstein and Westbrook created leverage. Kawhi was the cherry on top 😎. Love your Fantasy Cruncher and info each day!

@gehrenbergdfs @Awesemo_Com got lucky and got 2nd in the main. Was going to fade James Johnson due to ownership and minutes uncertainty. Changed my mind as you talked through the logic on the nba dfs show.

Got my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine today, the opening day of MLB (my least profitable sport)

Luckboxed my way into 20k+ profit, thanks to @Awesemo_Com @AwesemoDFS @rynpak @gehrenbergdfs @digitalb21 @JoshEngleman @Loughy_D @ShipMyMoneyDFS !

@AwesemoHOF @Awesemo_Com @AwesemoDFS @JoshEngleman @JakeHari @ShipMyMoneyDFS @ShipMyMoneyDFS @Loughy_D

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