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@AwesemoHOF @AwesemoDFS I had a nice little cash in the daily dollar for DFS last night. I missed yesterday’s show but wanted to say thanks to you guys for all the great work and content you put out. Greatly appreciate all the help.

Well, that was a good night. I have never came in 1st place in two different MiniMax on the same slate. And that is with two different lineups. Although it’s the same score. Thanks @AwesemoHOF @AwesemoDFS @ShipMyMoneyDFS @gehrenbergdfs and all the crew.

Just wanted to says thanks, to @AwesemoDFS @AwesemoGolf @AwesemoHOF @DFSgolfer23 And all of the crew for all your help, and Awesemo’s tools. To bad I didn’t put this lineup in one of my other contests it was great score. It would have won big money that day. I screwed that up.

Only contests going tonight and I end up in 1st. My biggest bink to date. Shoutout to the best in the game @fluff_marsh and his work for @Awesemo_Com @AwesemoSoccer @AwesemoHOF

Thought I'd take my top 20 lineups from the FD 9.99 and enter them in the 4.44. Good decision. B2B games splitting #1. All because of @Awesemo_Com. Thanks to @JoshEngleman @Loughy_D @AwesemoDFS @gehrenbergdfs @ShipMyMoneyDFS @shandershow @Newzgod_dfs @AwesemoHOF @AwesemoNBA

Top 2 lineups of the night...#1 split 310 ways....#2 would've been split 34 ways and much sweeter but we'll take it!
To reiterate, only reason I have nightly shots is cuz of @Awesemo_Com @JoshEngleman @Loughy_D @AwesemoHOF @AwesemoDFS @gehrenbergdfs @ShipMyMoneyDFS @shandershow

Gotta love it when me and 60 friends split 1st in the quarter jukebox. Thanks @EricLindquist, @Loughy_D, @JoshEngleman and everyone at @Awesemo_Com for the best content out there. @AwesemoHOF

@JoshEngleman @ShipMyMoneyDFS @EricLindquist @gehrenbergdfs never play MLB DFS. BUT I has nothing to do yesterday so I threw a lineup in a few small $ games for the All Star Game after listening to you guys strategy and Live B4 lock. Turned 12$ into 42$ thanks gents

Albies double with 2 outs drops me to second.. but we’ll still take it in the free one @AwesemoHOF

s/o @EricLindquist for the big baller Zunino call

@AwesemoHOF @AwesemoDFS @EricLindquist @JoshEngleman @Loughy_D First baseball win! Got to love it! Thanks everyone for the help on the strategy show!!

@Awesemo_Com @AwesemoNASCAR @AwesemoHOF Not a super big win because of the ties but 1st is 1st. I sent a nba win the other day. So two wins, two different sports, in one week. Couldn’t do it without the info you guys provide. Thanks again. Everyday I’m getting better.

@AwesemoHOF @AwesemoDFS @Loughy_D @JoshEngleman @gehrenbergdfs Thanks again guys! FC produced lineup with a couple minor adjustments.

@AwesemoHOF not huge but always nice to get #1. Hit the quarter on the day slate! Thanks to @gehrenbergdfs and @ShipMyMoneyDFS for the show yesterday

@AwesemoDFS @AwesemoHOF got em! Thanks guys. Couldn’t do it with you. Played 14 best lineups in 9.99 then next best 10 in the 3.33. Of course I hit the 3.33 lol. No complaints. Thanks for the help.

@AwesemoMLB I haven't watched a baseball since 1995. I have won 5 days in a row ($500 total) using only the awesemo tools and a basic understanding of dfs. THANKS!

@AwesemoHOF big shout-out and thank you to @EricLindquist & @ShipMyMoneyDFS for the @AwesemoMLB #LiveBeforeLock analysis. Got a win thanks to the Ramirez/Reyes mini stack! If you play DFS use #Awesemo tools for success because now it's time to win the big one!

Profitable night, using my premium membership and fantasy cruncher. Locked in my two pitchers, set parameters for no CIN, no CHC, and boo-ya. See replies for big board. Thanks! @awesemoDFS @AwesemoMLB $10 brought $100 here for #3 in a small GPP.

@AwesemoHOF Haven’t been very good at baseball in the past but hopefully this is a sign of good things now that nba is wrapping up . Thanks guys

Finally got my first win, even if it’s a tie. Still counts right?? @AwesemoHOF @AwesemoDFS @Loughy_D @JoshEngleman @gehrenbergdfs

Shout out to the guys at @Awesemo_Com @AwesemoHOF @ShipMyMoneyDFS @rynpak @Loughy_D @JoshEngleman @shandershow . Finally took down 1st in the @DraftKings 5k pick n roll. Much appreciated fellas! Love the content daily content #bestindfs 🙌🏾👍🏾💰

@AwesemoHOF Still working on rebuilding that bank roll on the quarter and nickel entry tournaments. Hit the nickel last night.

⁦@AwesemoDFS⁩ ⁦@EricLindquist⁩ Another profitable day on DK! If you aren’t subscribed to Awesemo, your really putting yourself behind the 8-ball! ⁦

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