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Congratulations to “RighteousGem1315” of our @AwesemoMMADFS expert chat on profiting 2K on the MMA slate!

BACK TO BACK LIKE 96’ 97’ 🏆 THANK YOU @AwesemoDFS you’ve been a silent mentor to me for over two years since playing dfs full time. I’ve studied every sport and every line up trying to better myself while building my Bankroll. The Windy City is back!

Congratulations to "kshep_killakam" on another dominating performance in KBO this morning

Congratulations to "XxCubsFan23xX" on a Monday morning take down in KBO. Holy ROI!

@Awesemo_Com I made 10 lineups by hand last night using your Top Stack tool and the written article. No projections or anything else. That alone netted me this.

I’ll never be good enough to not do screenshots. Or double negatives. @Awesemo_Com credit. Per usual. Obligatory @FantasyCruncher appreciation sentence.

Want to give a big shoutout to @Awesemo_Com & @AwesemoDFS for this CSGO Showdown takedown! Only needed one entry.

@Jason_Floyd @PeteTheHeatMMA @draftcheat @AwesemoMMADFS Not a big time player but making money so thanks to the work you guys are putting in.

Not a bad day of nascar if you ask me! Shoutout to team @Awesemo_Com #awesemogoonstrikesagain

Want to say thank you to @DFSnDONUTS and @Porterj1223 for helping me tweak my DFS game. They answer all my questions no matter what time of day it is. Been a member for less than a week and have had +ROI since joining. Also gotta give props to @Awesemo_Com for Proj and content.

All over the leaderboards last night in the KBO mini-max!

@DfsNascar @DFS_NASCAR_Zone great resources. @Awesemo_Com as always. Obligatory @FantasyCruncher appreciation sentence. Now that I look at this the rest of my lineups were shit. Shoutout to #luck as well.

@Awesemo_Com @AwesemoEsports @AwesemoDFS Worth the money. Just made a Twitter but got this win via Awesemo Esports projection and Fantasy cruncher lineup builds about two weeks ago

I hope mlb never returns! @Awesemo_Com @AwesemoDFS good work as always my dude

It's #KBO SZN in the @AwesemoMLB expert chat!! Be part of the winning now!

Sign up for #KBO week pass and you be part of this Screen Shot life as well!

Almost another beanball take down! I’m great full for all come ups tho big and small, #awesemogoons took first second and third here so🤷🏾‍♂️ shout out to @digitalb21 @SpudKelly for the kbo content and @Awesemo_Com

Nice lil ROI today, thanks for all the help!!! @DfsNascar @AwesemoDFS @Awesemo_Com @RaceSheets

It finally happened. I feel like @JeffKCollins @AP8809dfs @Awesemo_Com @BigT44DFS

Congratulations to "Brian McCarthy" and "chopkins92" from our expert @AwesemoNASCAR chat!

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Congratulations to "JPiers" on his first place takedown in #KBO from this morning!

Thanks for the all the help @awesemodfs @Awesemo_Com, and @AwesemoNASCAR! This was my second time trying NASCAR DFS, and it won’t be the last.

massive night for “KCMO24” from our expert @AwesemoNASCAR chat!!

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Congratulations to “Jay Ro” from our expert @AwesemoNASCAR chat on scooping up a nice $14k+

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@AwesemoDFS 17k Thanks to @AwesemoDFS @RaceSheets and fantasy cruncher. First breakthrough:)

Congratulations to "Itfc1972" of the @AwesemoSoccer expert chat with this #Bundesliga #DFS performance!

This could be you! Check out our #Bundesliga projections! Free this weekend!

Congratulations to "Wiggy" in our expert @AwesemoMLB chat on this #KBO ROI!!

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It's #KBO szn in the @AwesemoMLB expert chat! "cwt11" turned a buck fifty into $1500

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All hail the great @AwesemoDFS. I'm constantly winning with his projections 💰💰💰💰💰 @Awesemo_Com @AwesemoEsports

Congratulations to "gottagetthiswiiin" from our expert chat on a #KBO Fanduel $10K takedown from earlier this morning

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Congratulations to "Casey Pastella" on his #COD $2K win!

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@Awesemo_Com @AwesemoDFS Rocks! Nice return to DFS 👊

@Awesemo_Com Took down the $10k! Tied with 40 other people lol

@AwesemoDFS @Awesemo_Com unreal since ive re-subscribed! 🔥🔥🔥💰🔥

Shoutout to @Awesemo_Com and their NASCAR tout guy whose name escapes. Thanks for projections, that and the alcohol did the rest

@Awesemo_Com this marks the 4th straight highly profitable day out of 4. couldnt have done it without your free KBO content. needless to say i will be paying from here on out. oh btw below pic is 6 separate unique lineups in 7 contests. take your pick - each lineup crushed it.

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