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A $3000 value!

Guess the TOTAL POINTS the @Lakers & @Nuggets will score Wednesday night!

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Reply by 10 PM EST February 12th

Finally took down a GPP. I was about to re deposit, but thanks to @Awesemo_Com @Awesemo_Com @JoshEngleman @Loughy_D @ChrisSpags @SalVetriDFS and cant forget to thank @FantasyCruncher

@Awesemo_Com @Loughy_D @AwesemoDFS long time listener. Your strategy suggestions were awesome today. 5 chiefs and the 49ers full back.

Chiefs won the Super Bowl and I took down another GPP, ‘twas a great Sunday. #DFS @AwesemoNBA @Awesemo_Com

Last thing, shout out to the people whose hard work I use almost everyday and I so appreciate their contribution to our game. Can't name them all but
@blenderhd @RG_Notorious @ShipMyMoneyDFS @JoshEngleman @Loughy_D @AwesemoDFS @FantasyCruncher

Cheers! Now, back to the grind.

Last thing, shout out to the people whose hard work I use almost everyday and I so appreciate their contribution to our game. Can't name them all but
@blenderhd @RG_Notorious @ShipMyMoneyDFS @JoshEngleman @Loughy_D @AwesemoDFS @FantasyCruncher 

Cheers! Now, back to the grind.

The Winner

Shoutout @Awesemo_Com for helping me turn 1$ into 500$ u guys are the best

Shout out to @AwesemoDFS @EmacDFS @FastEddieFear @ShipMyMoneyDFS @Loughy_D @Fanduelhustlin for another good week. Won another tourney and made a few grand. Won $15k last year and with @Awesemo_Com it looks like 2020 is gonna be good. #dfs

I have been playing daily fantasy sports since 2015. Can you guess when I signed up for @Awesemo_Com I am no where near a pro but I would like to thank @AwesemoDFS @ShipMyMoneyDFS @FastEddieFear @ChrisSpags @JoshEngleman @EmacDFS for all their content and help.

What a day it has been! First off massive shoutout to @EmpireMaker2 and @MokLovin for making this all possible. #Stakeafish. Would also like thank @FastEddieFear for the Russ take along with @ChrisSpags @AwesemoDFS and the rest of the @Awesemo_Com crew for everything they do!

Nfl was shitty to me this week. Didn’t know kelce would turn into mega hulk and go uncovered every play but oh well. Made it up in nba. Good stuff @AwesemoDFS

@DFSgolfer23 @JazzrazDFS @Awesemo_Com amazing weekend of golf anybody that thinks a little research and help isnt worth it look at this thx for all ur hard work jason and ben the best in the biz

Idk what happened to my tweet but got to give a shoutout to the boys for helping me take down another big win! 3rd one in less than 2 months! If you haven’t joined @Awesemo_Com yet make sure you do! Thank you again @FastEddieFear @AwesemoDFS @AwesemoNBA @ShipMyMoneyDFS @Loughy_D

Thanks @AwesemoDFS @FastEddieFear @FantasyCruncher @ShipMyMoneyDFS @Loughy_D @SalVetriDFS @MLora and everyone else at @Awesemo_Com behind the scenes for a successful 2019.

@AwesemoDFS @Awesemo_Com Ty for a good year Awesemo! Now to pay the tax man #DFS #nba

Great baseball year continues with almost taking down showdown slate, thanks to all the teaching from all at @Awesemo_Com and specifically @AwesemoDFS @Loughy_D @JoshEngleman @ShipMyMoneyDFS @GupsCorner for all I’ve learned over the years about DFS. Only 3 bullets almost had it

First big nba night with major help from @Awesemo_Com @Loughy_D @ShipMyMoneyDFS @JoshEngleman @AwesemoDFS, 5th in $12 single,10th in $4 20 max. No better daily content and have listened to you 4 specifically for 2 years now, have had the best 2 year run. Thanks to all you guys do

The @Awesemo_Com team crushed all over the place last night, took 6th in the $40 single entry on DK. Thanks to the best content and information in the industry from @ShipMyMoneyDFS @Loughy_D @JoshEngleman @AwesemoDFS

Huge shoutout to @Awesemo_Com ,@MLora ,@Loughy_D ,@AwesemoDFS and the rest of awesemo team not a member but 2 years plus of watching all free videos, thanks for the info much appreciated!

Almost there again! I guess this is all good practice for the millionaire maker, 65k in 3 weeks ! THANK YOU @Awesemo_Com @AwesemoDFS @ShipMyMoneyDFS @FastEddieFear and all the crew that helps me get better everyday 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Gotta give credit where credits due.. thanks @Awesemo_Com ! Great way to go into cap off 2019🔥

Another solid day yesterday! Thanks @Awesemo_Com! By far the best spot for all DFS projections and strategy!
@AwesemoNBA @AwesemoDFS @FastEddieFear @ChrisSpags @JoshEngleman @ShipMyMoneyDFS @EmacDFS @Loughy_D thanks for all of your hard work, hope you all have a happy holiday!

@Awesemo_Com @JakeHari Thank you guys for your awesome NHL content!!

@AwesemoDFS @Loughy_D @EmacDFS this was one of my goals ever since I’ve been playing dfs. Thanks for your insights, they have been life changing. Absolutely life changing. @BigT44DFS Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Yabba day a doo I’m in the showcase tooo!!! Dame $$$$

First time playing more than $10 entry on any slate since August, so this is a nice bankroll boost. Thanks to the gents @Awesemo_Com - particularly @DFSgolfer23, whose Opening Tee pod was the reason I played this slate!

Scoreboard update! @AwesemoDFS 👀👀@DraftKings #NFL #DFS

@Awesemo_Com Turned $12 into 2K, almost 50k if it wasn’t for Jokic 🤷🏾‍♂️😂

Shout out to @Awesemo_Com and all their great content. Finally got the nuts and ty for love before lock every day @AwesemoDFS @ShipMyMoneyDFS @Loughy_D @FastEddieFear #dfs #nba

@Awesemo_Com I know it’s the late NBA. But first ever takedown.. took advantage of the cyber Monday special . Liked it so much I stayed. Thanks

Shout out and thanks (again) to @Awesemo_Com and crew. I took 3rd and 10th in the MiniMax (plus profits in NFL SD). I Couldn’t do it without you guys. Keep up the GREAT work. I keep learning something new. @AwesemoDFS @ShipMyMoneyDFS @JoshEngleman @Loughy_D

@DraftKings rockin 2n.

Thanks to my buddies over at @Awesemo_Com @AwesemoDFS

Finally did it! Big shout out to @Awesemo_Com @AwesemoNBA @FantasyCruncher for giving me the tools to take this one down! 🥇💰💰💰

Can hardly believe this is real but I have to give credit to @Awesemo_Com and all the guys there @AwesemoDFS @JoshEngleman @ChrisSpags @Loughy_D and all the others! THANK YOU! #TrustTheProcess

Good night! Thanks guys @AwesemoDFS @ShipMyMoneyDFS @Loughy_D @EmacDFS @BtGDFS

Binked another 100,000+ entry GPP. @Awesemo_Com @AwesemoDFS have the best tools in the game. Awesemo’s projections plus @FastEddieFear is a deadly combination. Thanks for all the hard work guys!

I used the CYBERMONDAY code yesterday and on my first day as an @Awesemo_Com sub, I took down the $12 single entry!!! Thanks @AwesemoDFS @Loughy_D @JoshEngleman #draftkings #nba

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