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not bad for my 3rd time using fantasy cruncher. a small 25 cent entry but a big milestone on my journey to the 3 comma club. thanks @FantasyCruncher @Awesemo_Com @AwesemoDFS @FantasyLabsNBA #dfs #dailyfantasy

The twin takedown! And they said it couldn’t be done 😏

If you’re not subbed to @Awesemo_Com and @FantasyCruncher , I don’t know what you’re doing! Total game changer for me over the past year

@Awesemo_Com Rocking the Awesemo Avatar. Finished 2nd in the big one today. Signed up 2 weeks ago. Love you guys.

Don’t ever do this, but these guys deserve a shoutout. Thanks @Awesemo_Com Projections, @FantasyCruncher and @SalVetriDFS That One Dude! Focused on small slates at the end of year and it has paid off in the playoffs!

@Awesemo_Com @Loughy_D @ShipMyMoneyDFS @JoshEngleman @AwesemoDFS Thanks to all y’all and @Awesemo_Com membership for a small timers big haul !

Nice Hit This Morning Just Based off @AwesemoDFS @Awesemo_Com rankings 💪🏿💪🏿💰💰

I am just so happy rn and filled with goosebumps. My mom is watching down and looking over. My biggest win ever, 2021 is off to an amazing start. I am forever grateful for all the help. @JustinMacmahan @AwesemoNBA @Awesemo_Com @DFITakeover

Congratulations to @AwesemoNBA subscriber "Sazz_Crib" on taking down @FanDuel NBA Clutch show 100K to first!

@Awesemo_Com Thanks to the amazing team at Awesemo, who provide great content we can rely on every day. I was able to take down the fanduel piggybank out of 440k people! On new years! Couldnt of done it without you guys.

Congrats to Jake Statler in our Awesemo premium slack with this monster takedown! #NBA #DFS

🔥Another Late Night Takedown🔥

Seriously, if you're not subscribed to @Awesemo_Com, you're doing it wrong.

Thank you again @JoshEngleman @gehrenbergdfs @ShipMyMoneyDFS @AwesemoDFS for all the work and insight.

#DFS #GamblingTwitter

Thanks to @Awesemo_Com @AwesemoNBA projections for being able to turn $13 into $1,128! That was a hell of a sweat with Jones Jr. vs Lillard/McCollum lineups chasing me but managed to hold off! What a great way to start 2021!

Thank you to @AwesemoDFS @Loughy_D @JoshEngleman @ShipMyMoneyDFS for all the DFS advice over the last couple years at @Awesemo_Com....won just over $50k last night and a big thanks to @gehrenbergdfs for pointing out the ridiculous overlay on FanDuel during last nights show!

Had my most profitable single entry on today’s 2-game nfl slate. @Awesemo_Com is the best place for advice with all the tools and the pros available—can’t recommend them enough!

Thank you @Awesemo_Com for the great content you guys continue to push out. I watch your YouTube content everyday. Finally took down a slate! Great call on Gus @alexbrown96

Huge shout out to @Awesemo_Com for putting out solid projections! Helped me out tonight! #thankyou #awesemo

Thanks to the @Awesemo_Com crew for the 🔥 takes @Loughy_D @ShipMyMoneyDFS @gehrenbergdfs @AwesemoDFS

@AwesemoNFL @Awesemo_Com Thanks for the good advice again this week!

Big shoutout to @Awesemo_Com. With the help of the Fantasy Cruncher, I took down my first solo 1st DFS tourney last night! This is just the beginning!

Took down the Dime contest on DK tonight. Thanks @Awesemo_Com for the content and @EmacDFS, @ericlindquist, @JoshEngleman, @Loughy_D, and @AwesemoDFS himself for their articles and videos.

Congrats to this Awesemo+ member!

Sign up today for our Masters promo AUGUSTA to get 50% for one week of Awesemo+ Platinum!

#dfs #draftkings #fanduel #nfl #fantasyfootball

Thanks for the Aaron Wise tip @DFSgolfer23 and the Corey Conners tip @JazzrazDFS Thank you @AwesemoGolf Nice little Friday

Congrats to @AwesemoSoccer sub Garka33! #UCL

Get your first week of Awesemo+ Soccer free with promo code JOVANNI!

Also check our pinned giveaway for a chance to win a free Awesemo+ weekly platinum sub!

@fluff_marsh @AwesemoDFS

🔥 edged out some of the best tonight.
Smooth $12,000 off sub $100 worth of last minute entries just to have some interest, as I’ve been sick this week.

See you guys tomorrow night.

Thank you for all of your help!! @JazzrazDFS @DFSgolfer23 @futureoffantasy @ThePME

Thanks @Awesemo_Com @AwesemoNFL @AwesemoDFS
First gpp win 😭😭
This goes out to the average Joe's

Thanks @blainejungwirth @gottagetthiswin @Awesemo_Com 🔥 projections and write ups

@JoshEngleman @rynpak

Well driving down from SF to San Diego and listening to the show quick 25 cents lineup at a gas station. Thanks!!

Thanks to all the peeps @Awesemo_Com @AwesemoNBA. Been playing dfs casually for years and won my first tourney having only used your site for 10 days! Thanks for giving me the tools to take my game to the next level!

Biggest win yet, 10 hand built lineups. Thanks @AwesemoDFS, @ShipMyMoneyDFS, @JazzrazDFS, @Loughy_D for the great advice. Go Platinum baby!

@AwesemoDFS @Awesemo_Com First week using the site and @FantasyCruncher opto. Can't say it did me dirty.

Thanks @FantasyCruncher
Shout out to @Awesemo_Com @JoshEngleman @DFSnDONUTS for telling me to fade Boston Scott today.

⁦@AwesemoDFS⁩ ⁦@PeteTheHeatMMA⁩ here’s the other 2nd place team just as evidence. Thanks for the knowledge in both basketball and MMA... B-ball paid off tonight, MMA will next time. You guys rock!!

Not a bad night for Newsgod! Shout out the team @Loughy_D @ShipMyMoneyDFS @JoshEngleman @FantasyFlurry @gehrenbergdfs @SalVetriDFS and of course @AwesemoDFS #teamawesemo

Got second place in the $1 minimax. @AwesemoDFS @Awesemo_Com @EmacDFS @JoshEngleman and @Loughy_D tried to their best to help me, but @bbelt9 had a monster night and cut my profit from 11k to 6k. 150-max is very different from 20-max, but still a good night!

Shout out to guys at Awesemo for the tip on Ty Dillon yesterday! @RaceSheets @AwesemoDFS @AwesemoNASCAR

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