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DraftKings and FanDuel Spotlight Hitters, Stacks & Pitchers – Sunday 9/23



The following Spotlight Stacks, Hitters and Pitchers were selected by’s Director of Content Josh Engleman.

Yankees (#2 DraftKings / #1 FanDuel)

  • Andrew McCutchen
  • Aaron Judge
  • Giancarlo Stanton
  • Gary Sanchez

Alex Cobb is making his third start against the Yankees since August 1. I’m not sure he makes it out of this one on his own terms. With Aaron Judge back in the line-up, New York is loaded from top to bottom. Didi Gregorius is a better play on FanDuel where his price is a bit more manageable. I like Miguel Andujar and Luke Un-a-VOIT-able on DraftKings more than I do on FanDuel. There’s not really a bad play in the projected lineup, as evidenced by the Yankees having the highest implied total of the slate. All sign point to the Yanks being a top stack for Sunday.

Cubs (#2 DraftKings / #1 FanDuel)

  • Kris Bryant
  • Javier Baez
  • Anthony Rizzo
  • Albert Almora

This one is a bit more risky, but I love the Cubs as a GPP play. In general, I don’t love the matchup against Carlos Rodon. He’s one of the few positives on the White Sox. The reason I want to stack the Cubs is simply a price play. Javier Baez is expensive on DraftKings (not that it matters) but he’s a bargain on FanDuel. Same story for Kris Bryant. Willson Contreras is the second best catcher option of the slate behind Gary Sanchez. Because of the dual eligibility on DraftKings, Chicago is super easy to stack with other teams. If they end up chalky, I like the idea of going to David Bote to keep your stack unique.

Phillies (#6 DraftKings / #2 FanDuel)

  • Asdrubal Cabrera
  • Carlos Santana
  • Rhys Hoskins
  • Cesar Hernandez

I didn’t expect to see the Phillies come in this spot until I looked at their salaries on FanDuel. So cheap! Carlos Santana for $3100? WIlson Ramos for $3000? Rhys Hoskins for $3700?!? I love it. This is a great park to stack in because of the extreme park factors. Most of this projected lineup has some pop. Cesar Hernandez makes up for the lack of pop with the lead-off spot. The Phillies pair easily with both teams already mentioned, although you’ll likely need to leave a Yankees outfielder off of the stack to fit in Hoskins. Since the Braves have clinched the division, I’m OK with leaning on the “nothing to play for” narrative for this one.

J.A. Happ [6.0 IP, 2.0 ER, 6.8 K, 1.7 BB]

  • The best at $10K

Over the past 30 days, the Baltimore Orioles have a .097 ISO against left handed pitching. Of the 144 hitters that qualify for the batting title, only 6 have an ISO worse than that mark. Baltimore essentially has the power of a lineup of Billy Hamiltons. They also have the 8th highest strikeout rate in that time. Baltimore has the lowest implied total on the slate. This spot just feels so safe. Happ also has the 3rd highest strikeout projection per my model. All signs point to J.A. Happ cruising here. Cash, GPP, I don’t care. I don’t want to get too cute down the stretch.

Erick Fedde [5.5 IP, 2.5 ER, 5.5 K, 2.0 BB]

  • The best…of a bad situation

Ok. Hear me out. There’s not a ton to like in the low end of pitching. Hell, the entire mid-tier is a dead zone in my model. If I need a pitcher to pair with the SP1s, I’m leaning to Fedde. $5200 is a solid price for what you need. While the Mets are expected to run out 5 lefties, I’m willing to take my chances. Over the past month, the Mets rank 26th in hard contact against LHP. Fedde’s last two starts have been trending in the right direction where he struck out more than a batter per inning. If he can keep up that performance and avoid the landmine inning, I think he can be the best value on the board.

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