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DraftKings and FanDuel Spotlight Pitchers, Sunday 7/22



The following Spotlight Pitchers were selected by’s Director of Content Josh Engleman.

Chris Sale [6.3 IP, 1.9 ER, 9.8 K, 1.3 BB]

  • The better match-up

No surprise here. One of the best starters in baseball has a matchup against the soft lineup of the Detroit Tigers. Sale lands here due to Max Scherzer’s matchup with the Braves. Only one hitter in the Tigers lineup projects as an above-average hitter via Steamer (Castellanos). That’s bad. While the Tigers haven’t struck out a ton this season against lefties, the line-up itself projects to strike out a lot. With only two pay-up options on the slate, I think Sale is the better bet. Let’s be clear, though: it’s close. Like 55%/45% type stuff.

J.A. Happ [6.1 IP, 2.4 ER, 7.4 K, 1.8 BB]

  • Upside plus value

Stepping down from the upper tier, I’ll be hitching my wagon to Happ. The Orioles are a terrible offence, with tons of swing-and-miss sprinkled throughout the lineup. Happ has the third highest chance at a win for the entire slate, which is always appealing. This feels like more of a GPP play than a cash play, though. There’s a decent amount of power in Baltimore’s lineup, along with 8 expected RHHs. There are scenarios where this goes very wrong. More often than not, though, Happ should thrive.

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