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The Heat Sheet: Pete Rogers’ MMA DFS Stats Guide for UFC Vegas 8

Staff Writer



UFC DFS Picks: Pete's MMA DFS heat sheet with stats for all your DraftKings + FanDuel lineups | UFC Vegas 8: Smith vs. Rakic.

Welcome to the MMA DFS Heat Sheet, Pete Rogers’ UFC DFS stats guide for every fight on a UFC card. It includes stats like strikes per minute, submission average, height, reach and everything you need to know to break down the upcoming card for your UFC DFS picks and DraftKings and FanDuel daily fantasy lineups for UFC Vegas 8: Smith vs. Rakic.

Be sure to join Pete and Jason Floyd on Monday night on the Awesemo YouTube channel as they analyze UFC Vegas 8: Smith vs. Rakic.

A note from Pete on how to use his MMA DFS cheatsheet:

“Hi everyone! ‬‪For each UFC DFS card, I enjoy putting together a statistical spreadsheet to help my decision making. I do believe this spreadsheet can be a great tool for you, if used correctly (Just remember it’s a fight and ANYTHING can happen). First, I would recommend comparing height and reach. This is critical if the fight remains standing. ‬Next, I would start looking at the color coded values:

Red = Bad
‪Orange = Below Average‬
‪Yellow = Average‬
‪Green = Good‬
‪Dark Green = Great‬‪

From Pete ‘The Heat’ Rogers

“Viewing offensive output such as sig strikes and takedowns are important categories, but I really like comparing defensive statistics. These categories are crucial. For example, in heavier-weighted contests (where the finish is more likely), you don’t want to roster the guy absorbing 10 strikes per minute! Next, I would look at momentum (win streaks, losses, etc.) and also see what Vegas is thinking. I like to view odds last, so that it doesn’t effect my judgment while breaking down the fight. Most importantly, watch some film! Combine film study with an analytical approach and you have a recipe for success. Good luck this weekend and hit me up on Twitter for anything.” – @PeteTheHeatMMA

Please enjoy this free preview and link to the file online.

The UFC DFS Heat Sheet: UFC Vegas 8: Smith vs. Rakic

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