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Pick 5! Damien’s Top NBA DFS Picks with Joel Embiid, Monday, 2/24/20

Damien Mathews



NBA DFS Picks for daily fantasy baskeball lineups on Draftkings & FanDuel for 2/26/20 featuring Joel Embiid, Jakob Poeltl + more.

Need a jump start on your lineups before Awesemo’s NBA DFS rankings or projections? No worries, Damien Mathews has you covered with his Pick 5! favorite NBA DFS Picks on DraftKings and FanDuel for Monday, Feb. 24 (2/24). With eight games on tap, we have a myriad of options to choose from. Damien has some takes on Joel Embiid, Kristaps Porzingis and more!

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NBA DFS Point Guard: Eric Bledsoe $6,100 FanDuel $7,200 DraftKings

Eric Bledsoe is averaging 1.20 fantasy points per minute with a 23.8 usage percentage and 27.3 assist rate, good for 31.3 fantasy points per game. Although he’s on the most complete team in the NBA, Bledsoe is in a great spot versus the Wizards, who are the worst defensive team in the league. On another note, The Bucks have played Washington twice this year, and in both games, Giannis Antetokounmpo did not play. If he sits, Bledsoe is a must-play.

*Honorable Mention: Luka Doncic $9,800 FanDuel $10,500 DraftKings

**Value Play:: Kendrick Nunn $4,700 FanDuel $5,600 DraftKings

NBA DFS Shooting Guard: Caris LeVert $6,500 FanDuel $7,300 DraftKings

Caris LeVert has taken over the driver’s seat in Brooklyn, averaging 1.04 fantasy points per minute with a 27.6 usage percentage and 21.3 assist percentage, good for an average of 26.6 fantasy points a game. He is playing 27.7 minutes per, recording 15.6 points, 3.7 rebounds, 3.6 assists and a combined one steal/block. Over his last seven games, though, LeVert is averaging 1.24 fantasy points per minute with a 33.2 usage percentage and 27.2 assist percentage, good for 38.8 fantasy points per game.

*Honorable Mention: James Harden $11,500 FanDuel $11,000 DraftKings

**Value Play: Lou Williams $5,200 FanDuel $6,300 DraftKings

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NBA DFS Small Forward: Tobias Harris $6,100 FanDuel $7,100 DraftKings 

Tobias Harris is averaging in 384 minutes without Ben Simmons on the floor at a rate of 1.0 fantasy point per minute with a 23.4 usage percentage and 17.8 assist percentage. For the season, Harris is playing 34.4 minutes, averaging 18.9 points, 6.8 rebounds and 3.0 assists, good for 33.9 fantasy points per game. He gets a date with the Hawks, who are fourth in pace and are poor defensively. With the extra possessions this paced up spot should benefit Harris.

*UPDATE: Harris is out; pivot to Jae Crowder

*Honorable Mention: Cam Reddish $4,700 FanDuel $10,000 DraftKings

**Value Play: Derrick Jones Jr. $4,200 FanDuel $4,100 DraftKings

NBA DFS Power Forward: Kristaps Porzingis $8,800 FanDuel $8,100 DraftKings

Kristaps Porzingis is averaging 1.15 fantasy points per minute with a 26.1 usage percentage and 22.1 defensive rebounding rate good for 38.1 fantasy points per game. Porzingis sat for rest Saturday but should be good for this one against the Timberwolves at home. Porzingis for the season is averaging 30.6 minutes, 18.6 points, 9.1 rebounds and two-plus combined steals/blocks for an average of 38.1 fantasy points per game. The Timberwolves are allowing the third-most points to opposing offenses.

*Honorable Mention: Kawhi Leonard $9,900 FanDuel $9,700 DraftKings

**Value Play: Al Horford $4,900 FanDuel $4,500 DraftKings

NBA DFS Center: Joel Embiid $10,000 FanDuel $9,500 DraftKings

In 469 minutes without Ben Simmons on the floor, Joel Embiid is averaging 1.59 fantasy points per minute with a 36.9 usage percentage and 24.0 assist rate for 45.9 fantasy points per game. He gets a dream matchup with the Hawks and the pace should be a positive, as Atlanta has no one on their roster capable of slowing down Embiid. For the season, Embiid is averaging 30.7 minutes, 23.1 points, 12.0 rebounds, 3.2 assists and two combined steals/blocks.

*Honorable Mention: Montrezl Harrell $5,800 FanDuel $5,400 DraftKings

**Value Play: Kelly Olynyk $3,900 FanDuel $3,700 DraftKings

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Damien Thaghost901 Mathews has been playing Daily Fantasy Sports since 2016, analyzing advanced data in models to get specific results from data crunching with the goal of discovering useful information to support decision making in DFS. He can be found on Twitter @Thaghost901 or by emailing