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NBA DFS Picks: FanDuel Simulation Games 4/7/20

Sam Smith



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The NBA may have stopped but that doesn’t mean we don’t have e-sports contests! FanDuel has kept it going with contests every night. Here are Sam Smith’s TOP NBA DFS Picks.

FanDuel NBA DFS Sim Sports Rules

  • Players are randomly assigned stats from a game they played during the 2019-2020 season.
  • Only players who have scored fantasy points in at least 15 games will be included in the pool.
  • The opponent matchups in each slate are irrelevant for the simulations.
  • Only games where players scored more than zero points will be available to be assigned stats, No DNPs or Late Scratches.
  • Scoring Example: LeBron James draws a 23 – he will get assigned the stats and Fantasy Points from the 23rd game he played this season: 65.4. Each player will be assigned a different random game.
  • Again listed matchups do not matter.

NBA DFS Picks: Top Tier

Bradley Beal

Beal is the highest-priced player on the slate at $10,000, but he has been a consistent high-floor option with a sky-high ceiling. Beal recorded at least 50 fantasy points in 43.9 percent of games in 2019-20. Though Jimmy Butler provides a better bargain at $8,600 with a comparable ceiling, he is nowhere near Beal’s floor so Beal stands as top stud option at guard.

Andre Drummond

There are ton of high-priced players on this slate and several of them are centers. Between Drummond, Nikola Vucevic and Joel Embiid, Drummond has the best chance of hitting his price value despite being slightly more expensive than both. With double-doubles in 82.5 percent of games and a ceiling of 81.6 fantasy points, Drummond presents the best floor and most upside of the trio.

Kyrie Irving

I love high-production, low-volume plays, and Irving has a strong chance of hitting value with his small sample. He only played in 20 games this year, just over the 15-game minimum, and averaged 46.1 fantasy points a game in that time. Six times Irving recorded at least 60 fantasy points, so he has a 30 percent chance of putting up a huge total, making him great value at sub-$10,000.

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NBA DFS Picks: Mid Tier

Devonte’ Graham

Graham’s hot start to the season gives him a decent sample of games where he produced like a top-tier play. However, he crashed to earth later in the season, so his pricing is comfortably mid-tier at $6,700. He scored at least 40 fantasy points in 28.1 percent of games this season, giving him a great chance to hit his value. That said, with so many games of sub-par scoring, he could be a damper on lineups. Graham is a substantial boom/bust play for a mid-tier price.

Jonas Valanciunas

Valanciunas is about as boom/bust as mid-tier values get. He averaged 33.8 fantasy points a game, but also had a ceiling of 61.4 points (which he drew in Saturday’s FanDuel Sim Contest) and exceeded value in over a quarter of games. He can make or break your lineup, but Valanciunas is a game changer at $6,600.

Jonathan Isaac

Isaac’s fantasy value is largely tied to the weight of blocks and steals on FanDuel. Isaac averaged 32.9 fantasy points a game this year despite only being a 12-point scorer thanks to four combined steals/blocks. As a result, he hit 40 fantasy points in nearly a third of games this year, good value for $6,400.

Zion Williamson

Williamson has upper-middle-tier upside with firm mid-tier pricing. He hit at least 30 fantasy points in the overwhelming majority of games this season with a few ceiling games of 50-plus sprinkled in. With such a small sample size on his season, there is a stronger chance of hitting one of those ceiling games with him, and he is priced reasonably at $6,800.

NBA DFS Picks: Value Tier

Coby White

White made a great run to end the season, giving him a super-high ceiling at just $4,200. He had plenty of duds since he ran as third point guard much of the season, but when White got minutes, he produced. He has a 29.2 percent chance of recording at least 30 fantasy points.

Troy Brown

Brown’s numbers are a bit more consistent than the other two Value picks here. He has a few more ceiling games sprinkled in, but he also had a run of a bunch of strong fantasy outings from December to mid-January when his playing time really kicked up as Detroit dealt with injuries. As such, he has a much better chance of hitting than many other low-priced players on this slate and he is comfortably priced at $4,200.

Shabazz Napier

Napier is a low-floor player as he failed to reach 20 fantasy points in almost half of games playing for two teams. However, he has a decent chance of far exceeding his price point with at least 32.5 points in 25.4 percent of his games.

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