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The Awesemo Fantasy Football Charity League: Trade Winds Blowing?

Nolan Kelly



Our Week 5 Awesemo Charity League update: what the pros are doing on the waiver wire with their season long fantasy football lineups?

We’re a quarter of the way through the NFL season-long fantasy football season, so let’s check back in on our Awesemo Charity League. It’s public and you can view it you like! We’ve got a nice mix of pros and celebs, so let’s see who’s winning, who’s been unlucky and who’s killing it on the waiver wire!

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The GMs and Their Charities

ThePME: CharityWater (Pat Mayo)
@JazzrazDFS: RAINN (Ben Rasa) 
@Nolan__Kelly: The Harvest Project (Nolan Kelly)
@Loughy_D: American Cancer Society (Dave Loughran)
@Strombone1: American Diabetes Association (Roberto Luongo)
@LateRoundQB: No Kid Hungry (JJ Zachariason)
@ChrisSpags: Animal Haven Shelter (Chris Spags)
@AwesemoDFS: Academic Games Leagues of America (Alex Baker)
@thereallisaann: Blessings in a backpack (Lisa Ann)
@evansilva: St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital (Evan Silva)
@MLora: Camillus House (Manny Lora)

The Week 5 Scores

The Standings

Awesemo finally lost his first week of the season to Pat “ThePME” Mayo, who rode a 41-point Michael Thomas performance to victory. Not sure if Pat was getting his fantasy advice from Tim Andercust this week or what, but he left 65 points sitting on that bench (D.J. Chark, Josh Jacobs), in favor of Geronimo Allison and Wayne Gallman. I’m guessing those two will feature heavily in Pat Mayo’s lineup moving forward.

Biggest Blowout

Manny “I selected DeAndre Hopkins ahead of Christian McCaffrey” Lora, just laying down the hammer right now with a dominating 198.5-point performance over J.J. Zachariason, who never had a chance. Manny is tied for first with our own Alex ‘Awesemo’ Baker.

Worst Beat

Poor Chris Spags would have beaten all but two teams this week with his 163 points. Unfortunately Spags went up against juggernaut Nolan “RollinWithNolan” Kelly whose team features too many good running backs to play week in and week out. Better luck next week, Spags!

Trade Discussions

Six weeks in and not a trade to speak of. Rumors spread last week of a possible deal between Nolan Kelly and Evan Silva—with Silva stacked at receiver and Nolan at running back, but Silva kiboshed them, stating outright that he’s not looking to deal neither Tyreek Hill nor Odell “The Human Fumble” Beckham Jr. for a running back.

This league can’t go an entire year without someone pulling the trigger, can it???

Wide Receivers are GOLD in this league. That was my main takeaway from the draft. Currently there are only TWO wide receivers on the waiver wire who have more than 15% Yahoo ownership.

Last Week’s Waiver Wire

Much ado about nothing — just three moves in total. I may have overbid for A.J. Brown, but it’s six bucks, so I’m not gonna lose any sleep. That Philadelphia defense did me goooooood though.

I've been obsessed with fantasy sports since as long as I can remember. Back in 1993, while seated in the last row of Mr. MacMillan's math class, I'm fairly certain a few buddies of mine and I invented daily fantasy sports -- popping down our fivers and using nothing more than a newspaper box score, we'd make our NHL player picks for the night's action. Twenty years later I started out playing DFS on DraftStreet, when three-max tourneys with 490 people were a big deal, and I've been hooked ever since. More than anything, I'm interested in getting better as a player, and in helping you become a better player. Armed with Awesemo's grades and the projections from our experts, we're here to help you take the next step. You can contact me by emailing

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