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NFL Prime Time Games: Prime Time Football

Eric MacPherson



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NFL Prime Time Games

Greetings Gamers!  This article series was popular last season at FanVice and I am thrilled to be able to provide it once again for the members of as we embark on another season of America’s favorite sport.

Each week this article will cover the “Prime Time” games which includes Thursday, Sunday and Monday Night Football along with the London games and anything else not on the “main slate” each week.

The format will be traditional “game capsules” and this is meant for the 2+ game slates – though the information will be pertinent for the “single game slates” that is not the main focus of the breakdown.

With most of the main sites offering “late swap” the release schedule will generally be:

Thursday Night Game: Wednesday night or Thursday morning

London game: Friday night or Saturday morning (kickoff is generally around 9am ET on Sunday for these games)

Sunday Night Game: Friday night or Saturday morning

Monday Night Game: Friday night or Saturday morning

Because these games are outside of the standard NFL Week cadence, information and injury reports may be a little behind, but all game write-ups will be posted by Saturday morning most weeks.

Now… are you ready for some football?!?!


Thursday Night Football

Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles -2.0 / 45.0

Atlanta Falcons

While we are now in the mix with “real” games after the preseason offerings, this game is checking in with the ninth highest over/under at 45.0 points so we may not fully scratch our itch until the Sunday main slate.

Starting off we have Offensive Coordinator Steve Sarkisian marking his second season as the Falcons offensive coordinator, as a University of Washington alum and fellow Armenian, I am still less than impressed with “Sark’s” play calling efforts in tough spots and heading into ‘Illadelphia to take on the DEFENDING SUPER BOWL CHAMPION “Iggles” is going to be a tough task.  Keep in mind while the Atlanta offense did pick things up towards the end of the year, Sarkisian’s game plans were more deliberate than those of Kyle Shanahan who was the playcaller during the phenomenal 2016 offensive juggernaut season.

Quarterback Matt Ryan (DraftKings – $6300, FanDuel – $7000, Fdraft – $11900, Yahoo – $30) is entering his 11th (yes, you read that right) season as the Falcons main signal caller and we know what we are going to get something along the lines of his career per game averages of 264 yards passing with 1.6 TDs and likely one turnover for our baseline.  His familiarity with his fellow skill position players, should help negate some of the home field advantage.

Running Back – With Devonta Freeman (DraftKings – $6600, FanDuel – $7100, Fdraft – $13000, Yahoo – $26) was an injury magnet last season with two concussions (August and November) and sprained his right MCL and PCL in the last regular season game, playing through those maladies in the post season.  He was held out of preseason game action as a precaution and is expected to be a full-go for Thursday.  He should be a RB10-12 on the full slate and is not likely to garner a ton of attention from most gamers.

Tevin Coleman (DraftKings – $4400, FanDuel – $5900, Fdraft – $9800, Yahoo – $13) will be in the mix as the change of pace back and we know he can be a serviceable RB1 if he has the backfield to himself, but at this point he is nothing more than a contrarian option – though he is appropriately priced for that role on Yahoo!

Wide ReceiverJulio Jones (DraftKings – $7600, FanDuel – $8300, Fdraft – $15500, Yahoo – $35) is of course the most talented member of the Falcons offense, however, we are all painfully aware that he has topped 8 receiving scores just once in his first seven seasons and he has just 43 career touchdown catches over 95 games in that span, despite averaging nearly double digit targets and 90+ yards per game.

Mohamed Sanu (DraftKings – $3800, FanDuel – $5900, Fdraft – $9300, Yahoo – $12) will only see a handful of targets and can be left in the player pool outside of the single game contests as can Alabama rookie Calvin Ridley (DraftKings – $4000, FanDuel – $5600, Fdraft – $7400, Yahoo – $10) who has an undefined role and will arguably be the sixth receiving option behind the running backs and wide receivers listed above along with TE Austin Hooper ahead of him.

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Tight End Austin Hooper (DraftKings – $2900, FanDuel – $4800, Fdraft – $6300, Yahoo – $12) will likely see 3-5 targets, with 2-3 receptions and 25ish yards, so we are hoping he finds the end zone.

Defense/Special Teams – There will be times this season that we consider the Falcons D/ST, however, road games will not be among them.


Philadelphia Eagles

Quarterback – With Carson Wentz on the shelf, the Eagles will be forced to go to their backup quarterback Nick Foles (DraftKings – $5900, FanDuel – $7400, Fdraft – $11600, Yahoo – $30), who also just happens to be the reigning Super Bowl MVP.  While Foles is reasonably priced on most sites, we have to remember that he will be without WR Alshon Jeffery and the Eagles are likely to rely more on their ground game, defense and home field advantage in this outing so we can project Foles as a QB20-25 on the full slate, with of course upside if he ends of tossing a couple scores, but that is not a very likely outcome.

Running Backs – Speaking of those running backs, we know that Jay Ajayi (DraftKings – $5500, FanDuel – $6400, Fdraft – $10300, Yahoo – $23) will be the preferred default option and now does not have to contend with LeGarrette Blount and he has even more reps under his belt with the Philly playbook.  That said, we will still see Corey Clement (DraftKings – $3600, FanDuel – $5000, Fdraft – $9400, Yahoo – $11) as the main backup and getting potentially a third of the work that Ajayi does, potentially more if there is mop up duty.

After missing most of 2017 with a broken arm AND a torn ACL both of which occurred on the same play against the Giants in late September last year, Darren Sproles (DraftKings – $3800, FanDuel – $4600, Fdraft – $8500, Yahoo – $10) is back baby!  Keep in mind that he is 34 years old, but still will be a situation threat in passing downs and likely in crucial kick return spots.

Wide Receivers – With Alshon Jeffery out of the picture, we should see Nelson Agholor (DraftKings – $5900, FanDuel – $5900, Fdraft – $11000, Yahoo – $19) as the main target when the Eagles are throwing on Thursday, though it is not like we are getting much of a discount.  Mike Wallace (DraftKings – $4200, FanDuel – $5300, Fdraft – $6800, Yahoo – $13) is the other notable option and both seem best suited for the single game contests, though if you really want some early action in this game on the full-slate, Agholor checks in as a strong WR2 option.

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Tight Ends Zach Ertz (DraftKings – $6600, FanDuel – $6600, Fdraft – $10900, Yahoo – $23) will be wildly popular in the single game formats and he is definitely in the top tier of tight ends for Week 1 with Rob Gronkowski and Travis Kelce.  I am of the opinion that I want to look elsewhere in tournaments as we will likely see an artificial boost to his popularity with this being the opening game of the season and we are going to need a touchdown to even be remotely happy.  That said, if we had to pick one Eagle to reach pay dirt, it would be Ertz or Ajayi.

Defense/Special Teams – Yes, the Philadelphia defense and special teams was amazing last season, but with the new Sarkisian offense, Matt Ryan went from 37 sacks and 7 interceptions in 2016 over 16 games to just 24 sacks albeit with 12 interceptions in 16 games during 2017.  There are many more intriguing options on the full-slate.



Sunday Night Football

Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers -7.0 / 48.0

This should be an intriguing game as it posts one of the higher Week 1 totals and we have a wildly new group of players and coaches in Chicago, along with the much anticipated return of Aaron Rodgers who missed Weeks 7-16 outside of a Week 15 cameo where he had 290 passing yards, 3 TDs and 3 INTs against Carolina before being shut back down for the season.

Chicago Bears

Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky (DraftKings – $5600, FanDuel – $6500, FDraft – $10300, Yahoo – $27) and new Head Coach Matt Nagy are said to be meshing very well and there is a lot of talk that Nagy is looking to “unleash” the Bears offensive potential (he served in various coaching capacities under Andy Reid both in Philadelphia and Kansas City between 2009 and last season).

On the full slate, Trubisky projects as QB20-25, however, on the Prime Time slates he clearly moves into play as a viable pivot option away from opposing signal caller Aaron Rodgers in a game that does have the potential for Chicago to be playing from behind early.

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Running Back Jordan Howard (DraftKings – $6300, FanDuel – $7400, FDraft – $12500, Yahoo – $28) is supposedly going to be a three-down back under Coach Nagy, but like many others, I will be taking a wait and see approach on the full-slate of games with so many other options available.  In both half-point and full-PPR scoring systems, Howard projects out as a play within a position or two of RB20.  There is no doubt he will see 80% of the rushing opportunities, however, game flow could turn against the Bears and we could see more Tarik Cohen (or the receivers even if Howard remains on the field) racking up the catches.

Tarik Cohen (DraftKings – $5800, FanDuel – $5600, FDraft – $10200, Yahoo – $15) still has an uncertain role, though we certainly know his skillset as a receiving back.  He too is best left for the short slates, but do not be afraid to take a shot or two with him, particularly if the “Howard as a three-down back” chatter gets loud.

Wide Receiver – There is a whole set of fresh faces here in Chi-Town to go along with the new coaching regime.  Veteran Allen Robinson (DraftKings – $6300, FanDuel – $6500, FDraft – $10800, Yahoo – $23) managed just three snaps last season before tearing an ACL in what turned out to be his final game for Jacksonville.  Per multiple sources with a much better eye for football than myself, he has looked “rusty” which is expected with the long layoff and entirely new team/system.  Our preference is looking to him on the full-PPR sites where he is reasonably priced, while letting him go on the half-point scoring sites as his touchdown equity and lack of a track record with all of the new variables have him running a little too expensive for my tastes – however, anything goes on the short-slates.

Anthony Miller (DraftKings – $4600, FanDuel – $5400, FDraft – $7800, Yahoo – $13) will get his chances as a rookie, on a team that should be looking to pass A LOT.  He is fairly priced across-the-board on all sites and is a reasonable WR3/Flex option.  Former Falcon, Taylor Gabriel (DraftKings – $4100, FanDuel – $5000, FDraft – $8800, Yahoo – $10) adds yet another new option into the fray and it looks like he will be far enough down the pecking order that we can avoid him for the time being, outside of an extreme dart throw on the short slates.

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Tight EndTrey Burton (DraftKings – $4300, FanDuel – $5700, FDraft – $7500, Yahoo – $17) is the reason I am willing to pass over Gabriel because for essentially the same price tag, we can get someone who will likely be the #2 options in the passing game and who should be involved in some high-leverage situations.  Yeah, Trubisky/Burton are a poor man’s version of Smith/Kelce, but we are also not being asked to overpay.  Burton projects out as a TE9-12 on most scoring systems and of course if he reaches the paint, he has a great chance at being a TE5-7 at a very appealing price tag.

Defense/Special Teams – Not in Lambeau Field.


Green Bay

QuarterbackAaron Rodgers (DraftKings – $7500, FanDuel – $8700, FDraft – $13100, Yahoo – $39) fun note, this offseason when Best Ball drafting was in full swing, there were a couple of prominent analysts that were talking about Aaron Rodgers being “injury prone” and that he has earned this moniker after he missed half a season or more in two of his last five campaigns.

Let’s take a side trip and review his games played over the last 10 seasons, in reverse chronological order, which coincides with his time as a starter 7, 16, 16, 16, 9, 16, 15, 15, 16 and 16.  Do you think he warrants being tagged as fragile?  Yeah, me either.

Point being, just be careful where you are getting your information, particularly if you are paying for the service – fantasy subscriptions are a great time saver, should be informative and hopefully are entertaining – but they should not be misleading.

Okay, all that said – it is a “fresh” Aaron Rodgers who was the league MVP in 2011 and 2014 and also garnered the honor in Super Bowl XLV – yes, he is older, but he is still just 34 (Brady 41, Brees 39, McCown 39, Manning, 38, Rivers 36, Smith 34, Flacco 33 and Ryan 33) and he is projecting out as QB1-3 with the top spot in the majority of all scoring systems this week.

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The ONLY caveat or concern I can come up with is that in his last five meetings with the Bears (since the beginning of 2015), he has tallied an average line of 23.2 completions, 35.8 attempts for 229.6 yards with 2.2 TDs and 0.2 INTs and 2.0 sacks per game. 35-14 home, 30-27 away, 26-10 home, 13-17 home, 31-23 away.

So I am just saying everything may not be wine and roses, but damn this is a great spot (also the last five games were a bit arbitrary, in 2014 he tossed 10 scores in the two meetings that season with twin 300 yard performances that would really goose those averaged up). Enjoy!

Running Back – Aaron Jones will miss the first two games with a suspension for violating the substance policy.  That means Jamaal Williams (DraftKings – $6000, FanDuel – $6100, FDraft – $10000, Yahoo – $14) and Ty Montgomery (DraftKings – $3700, FanDuel – $5700, FDraft – $9300, Yahoo – $13) will be the main options with Williams likely seeing the lion’s share of the carries and Monty getting the first crack at the passing work.  Do not forget about Williams when you are doing the short slate DRAFT contests.

Wide Receiver – Davante Adams (DraftKings – $7800, FanDuel – $8100, FDraft – $11600, Yahoo – $32) is a fine option paired with Rodgers or on his own as this is now his show.  Randall Cobb (DraftKings – $4700, FanDuel – $6200, FDraft – $10300, Yahoo – $15) will still be in the mix, but we need to remember that the Packers were looking to trade him for the last couple weeks, but got no takers with his now albatross contract.  The price on DK/FDraft is nice for the short slates. Geronimo Allison (DraftKings – $3900, FanDuel – $5000, FDraft – $7700, Yahoo – $10) is only worth considering in the single game formats.

Tight End – Jimmy Graham (DraftKings – $4800, FanDuel – $6000, FDraft – $10400, Yahoo – $20) is a red zone maestro and we know that Rodgers looks for the big guys in close.

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Defense/Special Teams – Worthy of consideration on the short slates in the hopes that Chicago is playing from behind and making mistakes with all the new moving parts.


Monday Night Football Game 1

New York Jets at Detroit Lions -6.5 / 45.0

Well, at least the NFL can check off the unenviable task of getting these two squads on a Prime Time game (to be fair, they do each get one more beginning in Week 3 with the Jets on the road in Cleveland for Thursday Night Football – which is reason enough to get rid of every week Thursday games and of course the Motor City Kitties will be hosting Chicago on Turkey Day).

Quarterback Sam Darnold (DraftKings – $5400, FanDuel – $6100, FDraft – $10200, Yahoo – $23) looks to be getting the start over veteran Josh McCown (DraftKings – $4800, FanDuel – $6300, FDraft – $10000, Yahoo – $21) and at 21 years of age, I am going to give this one a hard pass.

Running Back Isaiah Crowell (DraftKings – $4900, FanDuel – $6100, FDraft – $8400, Yahoo – $18) and Bilal Powell (DraftKings – $4700, FanDuel – $5400, FDraft – $10300, Yahoo – $12) look to be sharing duties and if forced to choose, I will lean towards Powell who is starting his eighth campaign with the Jets.

Fifth year man Crowell gets a bad rap as he is actually a reasonable receiver out of the backfield, but he was overshadowed in Cleveland by Duke Johnson.  We will need to see what Head Coach Todd Bowles (who somehow didn’t get a pink slip after last season’s debacle) and newly promoted offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates have as a plan – but I am not holding my breath there.

Wide ReceiverRobby Anderson (DraftKings – $5700, FanDuel – $6400, FDraft – $10100, Yahoo – $20) has given all of us at least one good game over the last year as he rang up six scores over five games last season between Weeks 7 and 12 and Week 13 was not disappointing either with 8 receptions for 107 yards.

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What we don’t want to forget is how efficient AND fluky that production was and he now has a 21 year old rookie under center.  We can safely skip over him and teammate Quincy Enunwa (DraftKings – $4400, FanDuel – $5000, FDraft – $8000, Yahoo – $10) outside of some short slate desperation plays. Former University of Washington stalwart Jermaine Kearse is out with an injury and who knows what will transpire with Terrelle Pryor.

Tight End – Seriously, I had to go look it up Jordan Leggett, Chris Herndon, Neal Sterling and Eric Tomlinson are the four TEs listed on the Jets roster and I can honestly say that I have never heard of any of them.  Yikes!

Defense/Special Teams – Not as TD+ road dogs.


Detroit Lions

Quarterback – Nothing special… that is what we will be getting from Matthew Stafford (DraftKings – $6500, FanDuel – $7800, FDraft – $12800, Yahoo – $34) who has played in all 16 games over the last seven season averaging 4,564 yards, 28 TDs, 14 INTs with a 62.8% completion percentage.  Those are some seriously solid numbers and makes me scratch my head wondering why we always are so quick to write off the 10 year veteran.

Now, if we get a little context from a DFS prespective, Stafford is projecting as a QB5-8 in most systems and he will be severely overlooked in tournaments on the full slate.  THAT is where we can have a little fun by pairing him with one of his receiving options and having an underrepresented Monday Night Hammer (Game 1).

Running Back LeGarrette Blount (DraftKings – $4600, FanDuel – $5300, FDraft – $6900, Yahoo – $12) will likely be the goal line and short yardage back, Theo Riddick (DraftKings – $4200, FanDuel – $5400, FDraft – $8800, Yahoo – $13) will once again handle the receiving role and we could see rookie Kerryon Johnson (DraftKings – $4400, FanDuel – $5800, FDraft – $8900, Yahoo – $15) actually have more of a featured role, or at least work on first and second downs.

Oh and don’t forget Ameer Abdullah (DraftKings – $3800, FanDuel – $5000, FDraft – $6000, Yahoo – $10) could be traded, cut, dress or ruled inactive before the Monday night opener.  Lottery ticket time on the short-slates if he is active.

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Wide Receiver Golden Tate (DraftKings – $6700, FanDuel – $7100, FDraft – $10100, Yahoo – $27) is a reception monster and very much in play on the full-PPR sites in all formats and slates. Marvin Jones Jr. (DraftKings – $6500, FanDuel – $6900, FDraft – $11000, Yahoo – $24) slid back in 2017 OR SO WE THOUGHT, go look at the stats, he actually was better in his second year with the Lions than he was in his first and our mind is just remembering his last month when he saw only 19 targets for 13/280/1 and Kenny Golladay (DraftKings – $4800, FanDuel – $5700, FDraft – $6900, Yahoo – $16) continued to be more involved as the WR3.

Now, with all of that said – we still do not know how many target Golladay will see and that makes Jones a tremendous option in tournaments on the full-slate of games as most gamers will “misremember” at first blush just how good Jones really is at stretching the field.

Tight End Luke Willson (DraftKings – $3000, FanDuel – $4500, FDraft – $6200, Yahoo – $10) had moments with the Seahawks, even in the playoffs, but that was generally with him “dragging” the field and getting lost in zone coverage as the opposing defenses were dealing with Lynch, Baldwin, Graham and the elusive Russell Wilson.  Despite the change in scenery, he is a long-shot at best, even on the short slates to nab more than a reception or two.  But if we are touchdown hunting, the savings will come in handy.

Defense/Special Teams – Heck yeah, rolling at home on Monday Night Football against the youngest starting quarterback in the last 40+ years.  All formats, all slates – remember, D/ST is all about matchups and big plays – this is lining up to be a multi-sack/multi-turnover affair with a decent chance at a return score.


Monday Night Football Game 2

Los Angeles Rams at Oakland Raiders +4.5 / 49.0

Now we are talking about a Monday Night HAMMER!  Sadly, we are down to just Yahoo! as the lone site that still includes the Monday Night game in their “main” slate.  Now this isn’t really that big of a deal – well until Weeks 4 through 12 when we have bye weeks, Thursday games, Sunday Night games and three London games – that makes for some pretty thin player pools, particularly Weeks 9 and 11 this year when SIX teams are on bye.

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That is then, this is now – so let’s focus on the positives and dive into this matchup.

Los Angeles Rams

Quarterback – Jared Goff (DraftKings – $6700, FanDuel – $7500, FDraft – $12100, Yahoo – $28) was incredibly efficient last season as new coach Sean McVay was able to put Goff in a position to succeed more often than not and turned around the laissez faire attitude that had become a hallmark of the Jeff Fischer era.

With three top notch receivers, one of the best if not the best running back and a defense that is shaping up to be second-to-none, what does Goff have in store for us this season?!

The only downside is just how much will he be relied on week-to-week to generate offense, particularly if the revamped defense is controlling the opposition.  I am fine holding off on the main slate where Goff projects as a QB12-15, but have no issues casting my lot with him on the short slates.

Running Back – Todd Gurley II (DraftKings – $9300, FanDuel – $9000, FDraft – $17100, Yahoo – $38) can do it all and will likely be vying with David Johnson and Alvin Kamara for top honors at the position this week, with whomever getting multiple TDs likely bringing home the crown.

We are paying dearly, but there definitely is some wiggle room this week with the advanced pricing release giving us a plethora of discounts that will dry up going forward as we become more dependent on late breaking injuries to create the much coveted “value” that makes lineups work (well, except for FanDuel where every week feels like a pick’em).  We can also create our teams around him on the three game Sunday-Monday Prime Time slate.

Wide Receivers – Well Gamers, we have a terrific trio of targets for LA at this position and it is my belief that we will want to follow along closely and understand each week’s opponent strengths and weaknesses as that seems to be the bread and butter of the current Coach of the Year Sean McVay’s strategy as he found MANY WAYS to boost the opportunities for his signal-caller that the dearly departed Jeff Fischer MISSED at nearly every turn.  We just don’t know where the offense is going to go on a week-to-week basis, at least not just yet.

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The worry now is that the off season acquisition of Brandin Cooks (DraftKings – $5600, FanDuel – $7000, FDraft – $12900, Yahoo – $22) will be similar to Sammy Watkins joining the fold last year.

While that was a bit of a mess – as even in today’s game, it is hard for receivers to “mesh” with their quarterbacks on short notice.

Let’s call that Exhibit A as through the first ten weeks a solid option like S-Dub only had 34 targets for 21/372/4.  Cooks is a more polished option and did have the full preseason to work with his new team, so I believe we can add a 20% boost on top of Watkins’ production, but that still leaves us with…

Exhibit B who is course Cooper Kupp (DraftKings – $5200, FanDuel – $6300, FDraft – $9600, Yahoo – $18) who drew the eye of his QB with a solid season of 94 targets, 62/869/5 but was sooooo cheap in DFS that he paid off his salary in a glorious fashion for many weeks.  He is not going to sneak up on anyone now and is appropriately priced as the potential 3rd/4th option in the offense.

Robert Woods (DraftKings – $6200, FanDuel – $6500, FDraft – $12300, Yahoo – $21)  checks in as Exhibit C and is one of “my guys” and while I seemed to be too early to the party going VERY HEAVY in Week 4 when he was facing the Cowboys, I was not deterred by that poor showing (6 targets, 2 receptions and a measly 17 yards)… which TORPEDOED my lineups that week, but I regrouped and recalibrated albeit for a much lower dollar volume, but stayed the course on DK and DRAFT and was rewarded handsomely for my perseverance – sadly my next month of volume in play equaled my Week 4 complete ASS KICKING, but hey, live and learn.

Clear eyes and full hearts can’t lose, but at this price point we can bide our time – looking to R-Dub on the short slates or as a GPP option on the full slate contests.

Tight End – Welp, let’s just ignore Tyler Higbee and Gerald Everett…unless you are feeling lucky and TD hunting on the short slates.

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Defense/Special Teams –Mouseketeer roll call – awe hell, ask your parents what that means (hey, it will spawn a nice family conversation and earn you points) but y’all are too damn young, so respect your elders and try not to step in the bear traps we point out.  That said, Dizzzzzammmn the Rams seem to be an All-Star Defense with the addtions of Aqib Talib, Marcus Peters, Ndamukong Suh and oh yeah, DC Wade Phillips who does not get a fair shake for his MAD SKILLZ as a defensive wizard and once more, you all are too damn young to realize, but his pops was none other than Bum Phillips who was a stalwart back in the day as a coach and GM and the guy who unleashed Earl Campbell (click link).


Oakland Raiders

While I am DEFINITELY NOT A FAN OF new Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden, I will try to be objective, because of course DFS is much better when we are winning than when we are losing as best defined by Ebby Calvin “Nuke” Laloosh.

Quarterback Derek Carr (DraftKings – $6000, FanDuel – $6600, FDraft – $11700, Yahoo – $25) is a decent NFL signal caller, but he has yet to top 4,000 yards through is first four seasons, that said he has averaged just shy of 240 passing yards per game and has 103 TDs vs 44 INTs in his 62 games.  We can skip him on the full-slate as he projects as a QB24-28 but of course on the Prime Time slates anything can happen and will you really want to trust the Oakland ground game with a coach who last saw action a decade ago?

Running Back Marshawn Lynch (DraftKings – $5100, FanDuel – $6300, FDraft – $10200, Yahoo – $19) was amazing with Seattle and as someone who has truly been a lifelong fan, I STILL CANNOT RATIONALLY DISCUSS the “pass” play in the Super Bowl against the Pats.

Back to 2018 Opening Weekend – we are just three years removed from Lynch choosing to not get on the team plane for the playoff game in BUTT ASS FREAKING COLD MINNESOTA and while I get that he is the lead back for the Raiders, he is dead to me.

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Last season was actually amazing since after a year of sitting on his duff, BeastMode actually was a semi-serviceable option as an NFL RB for DFS purposes.  That said, let’s cool our jets as he topped 80 rushing yards in Weeks 13 vs NYG, Week 16 vs PHI and Week 17 vs LAC when those teams were either out of it or looking forward to the playoffs.  Short slates sure, if you are looking to get a lucky TD against what is shaping up to be a Pro Bowl defense – otherwise, vaya con dios mis amigos.

Wide Receiver – Amari Cooper (DraftKings – $7100, FanDuel – $6800, FDraft – $12800, Yahoo – $26) has a BOATLOAD OF BAGGAGE and yeah, if you want to ride or die with our friend CSURam88 go for it.

Jordy Nelson (DraftKings – $5100, FanDuel – $6000, FDraft – $12500, Yahoo – $16) is old and slow, but hey, that is now the new Pride, Poise and Noise (look it up kiddos) and do not put too many eggs in this basket.

Seth Roberts (DraftKings – $3100, FanDuel – $4500, FDraft – $6000, Yahoo – $10) exists just to troll us until new acquisition Brandon LaFell (DraftKings – $3700, FanDuel – $4800, FDraft – $7300, Yahoo – $10) who is 31 years old, learns the playbook.

Doug Martin (DraftKings – $3900, FanDuel – $5100, FDraft – $9800, Yahoo – $12) oh SHIT, I forgot about the “Muscle Hampster” and he is down here – choose the anti-NIKE slogan and JUST DON’T DO IT.

Tight EndJared Cook (DraftKings – $3700, FanDuel – $5000, FDraft – $8500, Yahoo – $14) is great on paper, but please do send me a screen shot when he hooks you up and I will gladly retweet.

Defense/Special Teams – Look at that Rams roster and tell me you want to choose the squad facing them any week.

Eric "EMac" MacPherson won the 2007 Fantasy Baseball grand prize (trip for two to the MLB All-Star game) in the Roto format on ESPN. He won again in 2008, this time in the H2H format. As one of the early adopters of daily fantasy sports, EMac has been providing content for baseball and basketball as well as both professional and college football since 2012 for a variety of websites including DraftKings Playbook, FanVice, RotoWorld, Daily Fantasy Bootcamp, and RotoGrinders. He is well into his third decade of fantasy sports and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Follow him on Twitter @EMacDFS or contact EMac by emailing [email protected].

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