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The Best Week 8 NFL Survivor Pool Picks & Strategy | Rams and Chiefs




It was a comfortable Week 7 in survivor, with three double-digits favorites on the board. There were no major surprises, no teams utilized in more than 2% of Yahoo Survivor Pools lost. Week 8 could be a bit more interesting as players start to think more about long-term strategy. Be sure to check out Awesemo’s new NFL Survivor Optimizer Tool when making NFL bets and survivor picks the rest of the way. Here are some potential NFL survivor pool picks for Week 8.

What is an NFL Survivor Pool?

There are several variations of the survivor pool format, but the most basic and common one is each Week everyone in the pool must select one team to win a game straight up, not against the spread. If the team wins, that player survives the Week; if that team loses, the player is eliminated. The twist is that teams can only be used once, making it increasingly difficult as the season goes on. The pool ends when there is one player left.

Week 8 NFL Schedule


Packers at Cardinals (-6)


Panthers at Falcons (-3) Dolphins at Bills (-13.5) 49ers (-3.5) at Bears
Steelers at Browns (-3.5) Eagles (-3) at Lions Titans (-1) at Colts
Bengals (-9.5) at Jets Rams (-14.5) at Texans Patriots at Chargers (-5.5)
Jaguars at Seahawks (-3.5) Football Team at Broncos (-3) Buccaneers (-5) at Saints
Cowboys (-2) at Vikings


Giants at Chiefs (-10)

Week 7 NFL Survivor Pool Picks Recap

Los Angeles Rams

After an interesting start that saw the Lions up 10 points within five minutes, the Rams handled business on Sunday. They had some interesting moments, trailing as they entered the fourth quarter, but it never felt like they would lose the game. Unfortunately for players who used the Rams, they have also moved into a tie for first place in the future value rankings in the Optimizer Tool. With all the options available last week, keeping the Rams on the table feels much better than burning them already.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers were the least dramatic of the recommended plays in Week 7. They dashed out to a 21-0 lead in the first quarter and never looked back. The field was sharp this week, though — less than 3% of players used Tampa. There are four more weeks where Tampa projects as a top-three choice.

New England Patriots

The Patriots were the somewhat sneaky pick of the week. They destroyed the Jets 54-13, but with all the other big favorites winning, there was not much leverage to be gained. Regardless, moving on while saving the better teams in the league is never a bad thing. New England does not have many games as big favorites the rest of the way (as projected by the Optimizer Tool), but having them around could be crucial in Week 17 when they face the Jaguars at home.

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Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals were the official pick in Week 7, and it worked swimmingly. They were down 5-0 but took the lead a few minutes into the second quarter and never looked back. The Cardinals; underappreciated defense did not let Houston score from that point on. It was not ideal using them this early, but they do not rate all that well in future value in the Optimizer Tool.

Week 8 NFL Survivor Pool Picks

Teams Already Used: San Francisco 49ers (W), Cleveland Browns (W), Denver Broncos (W), Cincinnati Bengals (W), Baltimore Ravens (W), Indianapolis Colts (W), Arizona Cardinals (W)

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are again huge favorites in Week 8, this time against a miserable Texans team that just was blown out by the Cardinals. The Rams are extremely safe this week, but as mentioned above, they are also highly valuable the rest of the way. They are the largest favorites of the week twice more this season in the Optimizer Tool. It could be worth checking utilization levels later in the week though. If the Rams are unpopular, it might be worth the leverage to use them now.

Buffalo Bills

Like the Rams, the Bills are double-digit favorites this week against the Dolphins. Also like the Rams, they are tied for first in future value rankings. While Vegas has the lines close, the Bills are probably slightly likelier to lose than the Rams. The Dolphins at least have a functioning quarterback, with Tua Tagovailoa looking good in his return from injury. While the Bills should still handle business, the Rams are preferable if going with the chalk this time.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals have already been an official pick in the column, but they are worth mentioning. Week 8 against the Jets is the largest they project to be favored by all year. The Bengals have performed well beyond expectation this year, so those future lines could change, but they only have three more games against teams with losing records: The Broncos (in Denver), 49ers and Chiefs. All of those are clearly tougher opponents than the Jets.

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Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are extremely tough to play after they were blown out by the Titans in Week 7. However, the Giants at home in prime time is a perfect get-right spot for Kansas City. The Chiefs’ struggles have largely been driven by turnovers, particularly from Patrick Mahomes. Those are probably somewhat fluky, and Kansas City should take care of the Giants easily if they protect the ball. As long as Mahomes is healthy — he took a nasty shot at the end of the Titans game — the Chiefs are a solid choice.

Week 8 NFL Survivor Pick: Kansas City Chiefs

Everyone is panicking about the Chiefs. However, now it the perfect time to be greedy while others are fearful. Mahomes and the Chiefs are still supremely talented, unlike their opponents this week. There are a few other spots to use Kansas City, but none are as strong as this one. If there is any inclination Mahomes might miss the game, pivoting to one of the Bills, Rams or Chargers is probably wise. With the Chiefs game coming on Monday, the pick would have to be made before definitive news comes out. The Chiefs would probably be favored without their star quarterback, but using the Chiefs in survivor without Mahomes is losing the plot.

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