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The Awesemo Dynasty League Draft: Round-By-Round Picks Coverage and Analysis

Nolan Kelly



Welcome to the Awesemo Dynasty Draft, 14-Team Fantasy Football Super Flex League, complete with round-by-round analysis.

Welcome to the start up, Awesemo NFL Dynasty SuperFlex Fantasy Football League. We’re doing a slow draft, beginning at 10 am ET on June 2. Find picks and round-by-round analysis right here, throughout the draft. Not a member of Awesemo+? Sign up HERE to gain access to the best daily fantasy projections in the industry. And stay tuned for our new season long fantasy football and best ball product, which we’ll release in the coming weeks.

This is a 14-team dynasty Super-Flex, so no one is allowed to give EMac shit for taking Pat Mahomes first overall. That pick has everything: floor, upside, longevity.

How to follow along

This is gonna be a fun year with loads of trades. We’ve also added $250 in bonuses to the end of the pool for winners of Best Trade, Best Draft Pick, Worst Beat and so on, and we’ll need your help deciding, so feel free to follow the Awesemo Twitter handle to keep up to date.

Here is a full list of the participants and links to their Twitter handles:

The Scoring System (Basically DraftKings Scoring)

The Awesemo Dynasty Draft, First-Round Picks

Round 1 Dynasty Draft Analysis

It’s interesting how thin the picks feel towards the mid-to-end of R1. Do you go with a proven commodity, say a DeAndre Hopkins or a Davante Adams, or do you reach for a younger player with upside in the hope that they may provide your franchise with some long-term stability, while offering increased trade value down the road? I took Kyler Murray at No. 10 overall, which felt like a reach to me at the time. But he did have a very impressive rookie season (500+ yards rushing, QB7 in PPR), and is just 22 years old. Adding Hopkins to that Air Raid offense is only going to make it better. Obviously, if this wasn’t a Super-Flex, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere near him.

Favorite Pick of the Round: Patrick Mahomes No. 1 overall. For a minute, I thought there might be a chance that he’d drop because people might not realize the value of QBs in a Super-Flex. There are only 30 of them, and starting two each week provides you with a huge edge over the competition. Mahomes can pay off the position and play at a high level until the age of 40, so to me, it was a no-brainer.

Least Favorite Pick: None. True to form. A lot of fantasy football experts in this one, so nothing really looked out of place to me. Everyone has to decide between picking for the moment and picking for the future.


Zach Brunner moves up to select Lamar Jackson at the six spot. Sal gets his guy, Joe Mixon at nine overall. And Sal almost pulled off another deal to move back, but it fell apart. Word on the street is Sal Vetri and Greg Ehrenberg had deal for the ninth overall pick. Sal was going to trade his first- and fifth-round picks for Greg’s second- and third-round picks. However, the deal was contingent on Kamara falling to ninth and he ended up going eight.

Award for slowest pick: Loughy_D.

Round 2 Picks

Sam is on the clock for pick No. 1 of Round 2 in this slow-draft.

Round 2 Analysis

Best Pick: Loughy grabbing 24-year-old 2019 breakout Chris Godwin at 2.10 was great value. Got a lot of good years ahead of him and he’s a perfect fit for Tom Brady. For me it was between Watson, Godwin and Jacobs at 2.05.

Worst Pick: I thought Clyde Edwards-Hellaire was a slight reach by Jordan at 2.07. Sure this is dynasty, and Edwards-Helaire may have a big window to contribute in the future, but we’re still not sure what his role is in the offense will be and he may end up in a time-share to start. That’s a hefty price to pay for a guy when there are other RBs in guaranteed bell-cow rolls who aren’t much older. This criticism of course, could look very stupid in 12 months.

CEH Positives

  • Is going to catch passes
  • Is the among just three 2020 draftable RBs in the NFL 21 years old or younger
  • Is in a really good offense, and RBs in good offenses traditionally do very well

Round 3 Picks

Round 3  Analysis

High-upside rookie RBs went off the board quickly in round 3 with Jonathan Taylor, J.K. Dobbins and Cam Akers going in quick succession. D’Andre Swift followed right after at the beginning of Round 4. I think it’s safe to say that one or two of these backs are going to make people look stupid, but your guess is as good as mine. Dobbins faces year 1 competition from 30-year-old Mark Ingram; Taylor might find himself in a three-back committee; Akers could share duties Malcolm Brown and Darrell Henderson; and Swift may start off as a third-down back, but could also have the easiest path to bell-cow duties.

Riskiest Pick: Toddy Gurley’s arthritic knees are going to catch up with him sooner or later, so Geoff Ulrich might only be looking at 1-2 years of having an every-down back on his roster. Great for 2020, but beyond, who knows.

Round 4 Picks

Round 4 Analysis

Finally, Aaron Jones and Leonard Fournette went OTB. Loughy’s stated win-now strategy is paying off — it certainly looks like it will next season anyways. Same with Zach Brunner’s. Both have great year 1 teams. The questions about each back really start next year, though, with each facing uncertain free agency situations. It’s possible neither one will be a starting RB come 2021.

Taylor Canevari continues to have a very strong draft, snagging Mark Andrews at 4.13. Her next picks are even better.

Round 5 Picks

Round 5 Analysis

The QBs were very slow to come off the board early on. I snagged Tua Tagovailoa at 66, thinking I could have a starting QB for the next 15 years if all goes well. Alex went hard at T.Y. Hilton at 63 overall. He’s a great pick for next season, but is 31 years old and has a long and storied injury history. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was Hilton’s season.

Terry McLaurin feels like a steal at 54. Should be at least a WR2 for the next decade. Sure QB play is a concern, but if Haskins doesn’t work out, odds are there will be big changes quickly.

Round 6 Picks

Round 6 Analysis

Man, I hummed and hawed about Keenan Allen here at 75. He just fell too far, despite the questionable QB concerns. But the reality is Rivers wasn’t that great in 2019 and Allen is still just 27 years old. Possible steal? Possible bust … what say you, dear reader? The guy did have 1,200 receiving yards last season.

Now we start to see the QBs go off the board as people start to panic that they might not get two, to fill out their Super-Flex spots. Ben Rasa stayed on brand, drafting Drew Lock (more on that later).

Reach: I like Diontae Johnson a lot and think the hype is absolutely real, but this felt early to me, with Tyler Locket, Tyler Boyd, Michael Gallup and Marquise Brown still on the board. Guys like Johnson are fliers and yeah, the sky might be the limit, but there’s still risk involved in drafting them and the key is getting them at an appropriate value.

Round 7 Picks

Round 7 Analysis

The run on QBs continues here. Matt Stafford to Taylor was a steal at 86. Tyler Lockett and Michael Gallup feel like great values at this point in the draft.

Reach: RBs are scarce, but I’m a little worried about the competition for Derrius Guice in Washington and his health. He’s never made it through half a season, let alone a full one, and those RB injuries start to add up. As well, Washington has Bryce Love redshirting and they drafted receiving specialist Antonio Gibson, who had 735 receiving yards last year for Memphis (at WR). All that in addition to Adrian Peterson. A few red flags, to say the least.

Round 8 Picks

Round 8 Analysis

Two solid TE picks here, with Adam and Sal grabbing Mike Gesicki and T.J. Hockenson. Both guys have massive potential and solid floors. TBH I drafted Noah Fant a round earlier, but wanted all three and had real difficulty deciding. Fant’s incomparable SPARQ numbers sealed the deal, but all three of these guys have amazing physical attributes. Ben Rasa just loves grabbing those maligned QBs. Kudos though here, cause Herbert is good value and should be starting sooner, rather than later.

Taylor Canevari, the newest addition to the Awesemo team, is having a monster draft IMO, getting young talent that can contribute right away.

Check out this team:

  • FOUR up-and-coming soon-to-be or already elite WRs
  • Christian McCaffrey (nough said)
  • Solid QB play for a year or two at least
  • Mark Andrews

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