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The Stack Report: Winning NFL DFS Combos from Week 11 on DraftKings




Week 11 NFL DFS Picks DraftKings Winning Lineups Stacks + Strategy DraftKings Lineup Advice FanDuel

Welcome to a review of the DraftKings Week 11 NFL slate. Today, we will take a quick look at the Milly Maker. The NFL $3.5 Million Fantasy Football Millionaire was a $20 GPP on DraftKings that paid $1,000,000 to first place and $12,500 to 10th. In total there were 205,882 entries. We’ll examine the winning lineups’ NFL DFS picks and see if there is any FanDuel and DraftKings lineup advice we can decipher from their lineup building processes and stacking strategies.

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NFL DFS Stack Report: Week 11 DraftKings + FanDuel Lessons

First off, this tournament was played by 81,768 unique players. That is a lot of people. Of those, 13,751 (16.8%) made money and 86 (0.11%) profited $1,000 or more. Put another way, 68,017 (83.2%) players lost money in this DraftKings GPP and 166 (0.20%) lost over $1,000. First place was taken down by user Wynson, who played 21 lineups and cashed eight of those and binking this GPP by 3.16 points.

A fairly chalky lineup, Wynson went with Taysom Hill and no stack. He also played Dalvin Cook and Adam Thielen together, which in my book is a no-no since the chance of both of them reaching a ceiling in the same game is low. Wynson did correlate a Cowboy receiver to bring it back, as it makes sense someone on Dallas would do well if both Cook and Thielen do well. Lastly, Wynson played the Browns DST, which of course had a great day, but he also played Dallas Goedert (the tight end facing the Browns), also a no-no in my book if building for maximum ceiling. But Wynson is a millionaire and I am writing an article about him, so what do I know. He used all available salary, and the lineup had an ownership sum of 148.9%, far higher than most everyone else on the leaderboard. It makes sense as he used fairly chalky plays but had a very unique lineup construction. Wynson fired 21 entries at the Week 11 Milly, turning $420 into $1,000,590.

Salary and Team Ownership

$50,000 48.1%

$49,900 23.7%

$49,800 11.9%

$49,700 6.4%

These appear to be holding very steady week over week, even when we have anomalies in pricing like Hill. Remarkably, 33,507 lineups used $49,700 or less. That is 16.3% of the field dead to bink at kickoff it feels like. In the Top 50, I only see four teams that used less than $49,700. One is, I assume, an odd lineup, using $49,500 with low ownership of 68.5% and taking ninth place. Let’s take a look:


Congrats to notguilty36 for taking ninth here. The only correlation I see is Ezekiel Elliott and Thielen, no stack. With lots of low-owned plays from different games, I think it is a miracle this lineup finished ninth.

The most popular lineup was played 171 times and involved paying DraftKings $20 to enter the tournament and then not bothering to enter a team. I hope all 86 DraftKings players who did this are OK. The most popular valid lineup was played 53 times and min cashed:

Week 11 NFL DFS Picks DraftKings Lineup Advice Stacks + Strategy Millionaire Maker

This is a poorly constructed lineup in my opinion. We have a QB/RB/D stack with no runback and then three players from the Chargers. Each of the running back ceilings will be limited by the other players in this lineup (Cincinnati running back vs. Cincinnati quarterback and Chargers back vs. receiver vs. tight end). I mean, if you are going to take three Chargers, it would make sense to throw Herbert and a Jets receiver in that lineup as well. That is building a lineup with a ceiling.

Week 11 NFL DFS Stack Types | DraftKings + FanDuel Lineups

Thanks to Hill being a $4,800 quarterback, we had a shakeup in stack types. I have listed the 10 most common stack types below and also included a screenshot of the only DraftKings lineups profitable stack types in this GPP.

QB/WR 18.5%

None 18.5%

QB/WR/OPP 12.9%

QB/2WR/OPP 5.5%

QB/RB 5.1%

QB/RB/WR 3.9%


QB/2WR 3.8%

QB/WR/TE 3.7%

QB/TE 3.6%

nfl dfs stack report

The 150-Maxers

We had 163 150-maxers in Sunday’s GPP, making up only 11.9% of the field. The best they could muster was taking sixth and seventh place. Only 14 of 163 (8.5%) made money, and only two made more than $4,336. ChipotleAddict cashed the most lineups, profiting on 113 of 150 after basically locking in Davante Adams and Thielen. Twelve 150-maxers cashed 10 lineups or fewer. Players used ranged from 31 to 154. The most profitable 150-maxer of the day in this GPP was darcmaniluk thanks to a sixth-place finish:

This lineup makes much more sense to me, going QB/WR/TE/OPP along with Jacksonville running back and Pittsburgh receiver.

Boom of the day goes to Damiere Byrd, who put up 8.4x at 0.7% ownership. Bust of the day goes to Jakobi Meyers, who put up 1.4x at 23.9%. Shout out to the Dolphins D/ST, who put up 5 points at 23.9%.

The best possible lineup would have won the Milly Maker by more than 20 points:

Week 11 NFL DFS Picks DraftKings Lineup Advice Stacks + Strategy Millionaire Maker FanDuel

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