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NBA Odds Boosts To Watch | Anthony Davis + James Harden | Tuesday, September 8

Josh Walfish



Josh Walfish gives out his favorite NBA picks based of NBA oddshopping for September 8 including Rockets vs Lakers Player props.

Odds boosts are exactly that: Promotions from sportsbooks where they move tin your favor on certain bets. Many of them are prop bets, hoping you’ll put a few dollars on someone to hit a home run or a certain team to score a certain number of goals and still win. Our job is to highlight some of those odds boosts and give you some NBA picks to bet on, if it’s smart to buy into what the sportsbooks are selling. We scour the internet trying to find the best odds boosts for you every day from every sport.

Once again, it’s a slow day for odds boosts, but there was one that I felt was worthy of being brought to you today. We’ll delve into one from each game — the Celtics and Raptors battling in Game 5 and the Nuggets facing the Clippers in Game 3. So let’s jump into the best NBA odds boost we found on OddsShopper today.

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NBA Odds Boosts

Anthony Davis and James Harden Score 61.5 Combined Points (+115 DraftKings)

Any time you can get two players on a scoring odds boost, I like my chances a bit better than just one player. In this case, Davis and Harden are the perfect foils for this wager. The two have combined for 61 points in each of the first two games of this series, so we’re already close to the number, and both are shooting better than 50% from the floor in those two contests. Statistically, Harden should fall back to roughly 45% at some point, but even if he does, the number to watch is how many 3-pointers he makes because that can compensate for some of the missed shots.

Davis is the biggest beneficiary of the Rockets’ small-ball lineup because he should have a mismatch inside on every possession the Lakers have against that unit. He’s made 62.5%of his shots in both games, and he’s been a fiend on the interior without having to rely on his perimeter shooting for extra points. Davis has scored at least 25 points in six of Los Angeles’ seven playoff games, and he’s hit 30 points three times. Harden has scored 30 points in six of Houston’s nine postseason games, so it’s very realistic those two both hit that mark and win the wager, or one of those two has a big game for his team and carries the other to winning this bet.

There are two other odds boosts involving these two players that I felt I should bring to your attention. BetMGM is offering +300 odds on Davis scoring 35 or more points coupled with the Lakers winning Game 3. Meanwhile, FanDuel has a remarkable +650 odds on Harden making at least five 3-pointers paired with the Rockets winning. I think Los Angeles will win Game 3, but I don’t know if Davis will actually hit 35 points in the victory, so that is why I couldn’t suggest either of those to you today.

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