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Odds Boosts To Watch | NBA Odds + NHL Odds | Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Josh Walfish



NBA DFS: DraftKings Showdown Cheatsheet w/ Jamal Murray | 9/26/20

Odds boosts are exactly that: Promotions from sportsbooks where they move tin your favor on certain bets. Many of them are prop bets, hoping you’ll put a few dollars on someone to hit a home run or a certain team to score a certain number of goals and still win. Our job is to highlight some of those NHL  and NBA odds boosts and give you some NBA picks and NHL picks to bet on, if it’s smart to buy into what the sportsbooks are selling. We scour the internet trying to find the best odds boosts for you every day from every sport.

There are a lot of quality odds boosts out there today that can pay off big bucks if they come through. We’ll dive into the several boosts involving Donovan Mitchell and Jamal Murray for our NBA picks as well as take a peek at some NHL picks with two elimination games on the ice. Let’s get into the best NBA odds and NHL odds we found on OddsShopper today.

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NBA Odds

Donovan Mitchell and Jamal Murray

There are a lot of combinations of NBA odds on how well Mitchell and Murray will perform in tonight’s Game 7 between the Nuggets and Jazz. Every sportsbook has some version of the same wagers, but they are all different and have their own pros and cons. Both guards have been outstanding in this series, particularly in the last three games, so it makes sense that they are the focus of all these odds boosts in such an important game.

DraftKings has combined the pair into a single bet, boosting the odds from +320 to +345 that both Mitchell and Murray will score at least 35 points tonight. PointsBet took a different tactic and boosted the odds to +400 that either player scored 45 points or more in Game 7. BetMGM has its boosted odds to +450 that Murray scores at least 40 points tonight, while FanDuel is offering two separate odds boosts for each player. FanDuel has odds of +320 that Mitchell scores 40 or more tonight, while Murray is up to +230 that he’ll score at least 35 for the Nuggets.

I will leave it up to you to decide which of the NBA odds I laid out suits your fancy, but I will give you some background to help you make the choice. Murray is the first player in 30 years to have three consecutive games with at least 40 points and 50% shooting in the playoffs, and only Bernard King in 1984 has accomplished that in four consecutive games. Mitchell has scored at least 30 points in five of the six games in this series, which includes two 50-point outbursts and the 44 he dropped in the Game 6 loss but not the 35 points he dropped on the Nuggets in the regular season game in the bubble.

Personally, I have more faith in Mitchell scoring 40 points tonight than Murray, but that mostly has to do with the fact that I can’t imagine Murray accomplishing something Michael Jordan never did. Jordan had three straight games of 40 points and 50% shooting in both the 1989 and 1990 playoffs but never stretched that streak to four. Mitchell is a proven scorer who the Nuggets have struggled to slow down for the last month, so I can’t see Denver’s defense doing it now in Game 7.

NHL Odds

Anthony Beauvillier Scores AND Islanders Win (+420 DraftKings)

It’s been a tough series for Beauvillier with just one goal and one assist in four games against Philadelphia. He still has seven goals in this postseason, and his best two games of the postseason have come when the Islanders have had a chance to close out a series. He scored twice in New York’s series-clinching victories against both Florida and Washington, so Beauvillier is clearly able to handle the pressure of big games.

Although Beauvillier hasn’t scored much in this series, he has been taking plenty of shots. He had at least five shots in each of the first three games of the series, then he had just three in New York’s win in Game 4. In the first two rounds, he scored on 22.2% of his shots, and that’s down to 5.3% in the first four games of the series with the Flyers. He scored on 13.6% of his shots during the regular season, so he’s due to score at least one goal given how many shots he’s generated in this series. The Islanders are 4-0-1 when Beauvillier scores this postseason, and they were 11-3-0 when he scored during the regular season, so it’s always a good omen when he lights the lamp.

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