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Week 9 NFL Odds Boosts To Watch | Jets, Steelers, Joe Burrow

Josh Walfish



Daily Fantasy Football: Kyle Dvorchak's Week 9 Monday Night Football NFL DFS picks and DraftKings Showdown lineups | Jets vs. Patriots

Odds boosts are exactly that: Promotions from sportsbooks where they move tin your favor on certain bets. Many of them are prop bets, hoping you’ll put a few dollars on someone to hit a home run or a certain team to score a certain number of goals and still win. Our job is to highlight some of those odds boosts and give you some NFL bets and picks to bet on, assuming it’s smart to buy into the NFL odds the sportsbooks are selling. We scour the internet trying to find the best odds boosts for you every day from every sport. With some uncertainty about Thursday Night Football, we decided to check out some of the odds boosts PointsBet are offering at the halfway point of the season like the New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers and a Joe Burrow player prop.

This is not a recommendations list as much as it is an analysis of the three odds boosts that PointsBet has released at the midway point of the 2020 NFL season. With one winless team and one unbeaten team left, the sportsbook has obviously put out odds on the Jets to lose all 16 of its games this season as well as odds on the Steelers to win all of their regular-season contests. One of those is clearly more likely than the other, but we’ll delve into that later. The other odds boost is around Burrow and his status as one of the front runners for Offensive Rookie of the Year at the moment. As always, you can find these bets and many others for tonight’s game on OddsShopper, Awesemo’s fantastic odds-shopping tool.

Ben Rasa's Bet of the Day

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NFL Picks + NFL Odds Boosts | Jets, Steelers, Joe Burrow

NFL Picks: New York Jets Finish 0-16 (+300 PointsBet)

If I had to bet any of these wagers, it would be this one. The NFL odds are far better than I expected given how poor the Jets have looked, and it also seems the most likely of the three we are discussing in this post. New York is 0-8 and has just one loss by one score — the 18-10 loss to Buffalo when the Jets had four yards of offense in the second half. The Jets have scored more than 17 points just once this season and topped 300 yards of total offense just once — both against Denver in Week 4. New York ranks last in points scored and yards gained on offense, which does not bode well for any team in an offense-driven league.

It is hard to find a win for the Jets schedule to close the season, which is still very difficult. New York still has two games with the Patriots, who for as bad as they are this season are still miles ahead of the Jets. There is also one more game with Miami on the schedule, the team that pitched a 24-0 shutout against New York a few weeks ago. The bye next week is the only reprieve from a schedule that also includes consecutive road trips to the Seahawks and Rams in December sandwiched between home games with the Raiders and Browns. Coming off the bye week to face the Chargers in Los Angeles isn’t a great matchup either for an offensively challenged team. New York already blew its most winnable game of the season at home against the Broncos, and another chance at victory isn’t coming up on this slate.

NFL Picks: Pittsburgh Steelers Finish 16-0 (+1300 PointsBet)

This is the most unlikely wager of the three we are discussing. Only two teams have run the table during the regular season, and even some of the best teams of all-time like the 1985 Bears slipped up at some point during the regular season. The only other team to win 16 regular season games was the 2007 Patriots, who played in a far easier division than Pittsburgh, but also had a more difficult schedule. New England beat seven teams with a winning record during that season, including the 13-3 Colts and 13-3 Cowboys. The Steelers have beaten only three teams with winning records so far in their seven victories.

What intrigues me about this wager is that the Steelers have a manageable schedule for its last nine games. The Steelers have two games with the Bengals, two more games against the NFC East plus a trip to Jacksonville in Week 11. There are a few tricky games like trips to Buffalo and Cleveland in December when both teams will likely be fighting for playoff positioning. There’s a home game with Indianapolis that could be tricky but likely easier than the Browns or Bills. Then, of course, there’s the Thanksgiving Day rematch with the Ravens at Heinz Field that could ultimately decide the AFC North. So while this bet is very improbable, it isn’t as impossible as it could be for many other teams.

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NFL Picks: Joe Burrow Named Offensive Rookie of the Year (+140 PointsBet)

Burrow has certainly lived up to the hype of a No. 1 pick for the Cincinnati Bengals. The LSU product has looked terrific for the Bengals this season and was very sharp in last week’s upset win over Tennessee. Even though Cincinnati hasn’t won many games this season — let’s be honest, the Bengals have choked a few away — Burrow is still completing two-thirds of his passes and has thrown 11 touchdowns to just five interceptions as a rookie. He has proven himself adept as a runner as well with three rushing touchdowns and 13 first downs gained. In most years, his performance would make him easily the front runner to be named the Offensive Rookie of the Year.

However, Justin Herbert is having a similarly fantastic year for the Chargers and making it a very close race between these two young quarterbacks. Herbert is averaging 19 more yards and nearly a touchdown more per game than Burrow, who has a slightly better interception rate than Herbert. We’ve seen Burrow need to do a little more for his team than Herbert, but Herbert has some sensational performances on his resume that Burrow doesn’t necessarily have this year. Herbert has thrown for at least three touchdowns in each of the last four weeks, which includes three first-half scoring passes against Tampa Bay and four total touchdown passes in an overtime loss to New Orleans. Burrow has thrown for multiple touchdowns in just half of his eight starts and hasn’t thrown for a score in three others.

But we seem to be seeing Burrow on the rise as the Bengals have looked very competitive in recent weeks, which will certainly help Joe Burrow’s case. He has three more games against NFC East foes, which should give him chances to have some of the bigger games he hasn’t had this season. The +140 NFL odds might be the best you can get on Burrow the rest of the year, so it might be wise to hold onto the ticket as a way to earn maximum value on a Burrow victory.

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