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PGA DFS First Cut- RBC Heritage



First Cut-

Whether this is your first time reading, or you’re a Tour Vet, the First Cut should have something for you. In this “First Cut,”  we’ll cover a wide variety of topics in a short amount of time. Ultimately this article should serve as a guide for the week and what’s to come.

Here’s what you can expect to see in the article:

  • Tournament Intro
  • Course Preview= By the Numbers, Course Guide
  • DFS-Preview- Sweat-sheet/Contest Preview
  • Statistical & Player Preview

Tournament Intro: RBC Heritage 

Opening Commentary:

Nothing will ever compare to last week, on any facet. Tiger Woods provided us with some more incredible thrills, and hopefully, his isn’t the last we’ve seen. I don’t think it is.  The only way to get over the realization that we have to wait a year for Augusta again, is to thinkg about the other three Majors, that are also shaping up to be amazing this year. This week does provide a fun golf course at least, and their form of a “jacket” the memorable and distinctly recognizable plaid jacket.

This Week’s Course(s): Habour Town Golf Links 

Course Commentary:

Another Pete Dye masterpiece set on a little island off of Hilton Head, SC. This course demands an accurate tee-ball, and when I say demands, I mean it this time. The entire course is surrounded by “native area” which means watery swamps. AKA forget it about, you aren’t finding your golf ball. You’ll be dropping and hitting three. These stretch of Pete Dye courses are far more focused on accuracy and position off the tee, rather than brute strength and distance. Not to say that someone like DJ can’t win here, as he certainly can, it’s just taking the best asset of his game out of it for a majority of the holes. So, driving accuracy is paramount this week, but you can’t be one of the shorter hitters either as you need to take advantage of the three par 5’s on the course.

Scoring Averages and yearly rank:

  • 7o.874 (-.153)
  • 19/51 hardest

Course Numbers:

  • Par 71, 7,099 yards
  • Winning Score: -12
  • Top 5 Score- -10
  • Cut Number- Even par or a two day total of 142
  • Easiest Hole: 11th
  • hardest Hole: 16th
  • Best Chance at Streaks:  1,2,3?

DFS Sweatsheet & Scorecard




DFS Preview:

A full preview on the best contests offered in the industry this week.

Contests back to standard size for a “normal” field.






Player & Statistical Preview:

Player Preview:

This space will merely highlight the golfers competing and their OWGR. For full-field regular events we’ll list out the top 25 ranked golfers by OWGR:

This Weeks top 25:

Twenty-five of the worlds top 54 golfers are here to compete on this famous Pete Dye course.

Statistical Preview:

The PGA Tour has a set of “statistics” that measure golfers performances vs. each other/the rest of the field.  Here is the information on “Strokes Gained” from the winners of The RBC Heritage over the last five years 





Pete Dye, position off the tee is paramount at Pete Dye courses, but that doesn’t typically equate to a ton of strokes gained off the tee. SG: OTT is the lowest average of any of the four measured stats, also having the lowest low and the smallest high number of any of the stats. (1.02 for the top, and -.814 for the low). Also, you don’t need to lead the field in strokes gained-putting, but every golfer in the last five years gained at least 3/4 a stroke per round with the flat stick — something to think about.

Although the drama won’t be nearly as good as The Masters, and the course albeit fun, is not nearly as exciting as Augusta, there’s still some life-changing money on the line to be won, and we’ll try to help you do just that, this week.

For now, that’s all. I’ll be updating the article the more info we get! Around 5:00 PM EST will be the next one.

Until then,

Cheers! As always message me on Twitter or in the Slack Channel if you have any questions.

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