Aaron Gordon’s Girlfriend Izabela Guedes is Playboy’s First-ever Seasonal Playmate

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Orlando Magic star Aaron Gordon is one lucky guy. Not only does he get to play in the NBA,  he gets to go home to his beautiful girlfriend Izabela Guedes. We caught Gordon’s Girlfriend a few months back showing a little too much in an Instagram post.  Gordon quickly deleted the oversight, but not before a screenshot was taken.

Now his GF is doing Playboy type things.

Via FOX News:

Fox News: You’re the first-ever seasonal Playmate. What was your initial reaction to the announcement?

Izabela Guedes: Honestly, I was just so, so happy. I couldn’t believe they chose me. I’ve been modeling for so long so to be part of Playboy is just incredible. It’s such an iconic magazine and so important to our culture.

Fox News: We have Playmate of the Month and Playmate of the Year. What makes the seasonal Playmate different?

Guedes: I think it’s an opportunity to get to know a Playmate better. For example, I’m from Brazil, so this is an opportunity to show a little bit of my Brazilian culture, which is cool. I think it’s a chance to know a Playmate better. And you can develop an even stronger connection with them. I think one month goes by so fast so three months is definitely cool *laughs*.

Fox News: How were you discovered by Playboy?

Guedes: I think it was on Instagram, can you believe it? *laughs* [One of the editors] was just surfing the internet and she somehow found me.

Fox News: What was it like shooting for Playboy?

Guedes: Well, we had three shoots which were really cool. Most of the team was girls which was incredible in itself. It just felt so nice. I felt so comfortable. They were incredibly nice and put me at ease right away. They set the mood and it was a really positive one. And it was a collective so we took part in the entire planning of the shoot. I even did my own makeup because I’m a makeup artist and helped with the hair. It all felt like we were just hanging out and creating something incredible.

Being a seasonal playmate sounds like a good gig.

Gordon probably can’t wait for his season to end,  so he can spend some time with his off season playmate.

Check out more of Gordon’s girlfriend below:

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