Aaron Rodgers Admits He Spoke With Odell Beckham Jr. Prior To Him Choosing LA Over Green Bay

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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers admitted that he had spoke with Odell Beckham Jr. during Green Bay's pursuit last week

Aaron Rodgers thought he was going to have a new weapon over in Green Bay. But at the last minute, things changed.

All reports indicated that OBJ was set on joining the Packers for the remainder of the season, but at the last moments, the Rams swooped in to pick up the disgruntled receiver.

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Even though Aaron Rodgers was away from the Packers due to his controversial stint with COVID last week, the QB said he spoke with Odell Beckham Jr. while the team was in pursuit of the receiver.

“We’ve been friends for a long time and kept in touch and met him at some events and, just, you know, sent encouraging messages during the seasons over the years,” Rodgers said via SI. “When he became free, there was definitely conversations. And I was, you know, in the conversation with him directly. And then, obviously, I have been friends with him. So I didn’t need to get put on the phone by anybody else. I could just get a hold of him directly.”

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Following the win over the Seahawks on Sunday, Aaron Rodgers claimed that in the end, Green Bay just wasn’t the “right fit” for Odell Beckham Jr.

“But there were conversations with the organization as well and I appreciated the fact that we were in the mix. It just comes down to fit, ultimately, and what the best fit is for him,” Rodgers said. “We had some real good, honest conversations. I’m excited for him in L.A. I thought that there was definitely some things that lined up, you know, him coming to Green Bay. But ultimately, he took time to decide where he wanted to be and it turned out to be L.A.”

OBJ probably would have benefitted more from being the no-doubt second option behind Davante Adams in Green Bay rather than joining the cluster of playmakers in LA. But at the end of the day, money talks louder than anything.

Perhaps Aaron Rodgers and OBJ will team up somewhere else next season.

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