Adam Schefter Apologizing For How He Reported Dalvin Cook Lawsuit From Former Girlfriend Alleging Assault

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ESPN fell for a fake Adam Schefter

ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter is saying he’s sorry.

Schefter quickly jumped on the Dalvin Cook domestic abuse story, he was pretty much the first one to report on the Minnesota Vikings running back’s troubles. Cook’s agent reached out to Schefter to get out in front of the story. Schefter posted a one sided viewpoint, basically putting out Dalvin’s Cook’s side of the story.

As the story began to circulate, people quickly noticed there was a lot more to the story. The internet pounced on Schefter for his one sided reporting.

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Schefter apologized for how he handled the Dalvin Cook story.

“In a case like this, it’s important to reach out to all sides for information and comment. When I got the information the other night, I didn’t do that. And I could’ve done a better job of reaching out to the other people, especially on a story as sensitive and significant as this. It’s a reminder to slow down.”

Knowing how ESPN and Disney work, Schefter was probably just doing a little PR work by saying he was sorry.

Schefter wants to be first so badly that he’s willing to do just about anything to get a scoop, even if it means putting out only one side of a story.

A big L for Schefty.

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