Former ESPN Reporter Who Left Over Vaccine Mandate Lashes Out At Joe Biden

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Former ESPN employee Michelle Beadle admitted to Paul Pierce that LeBron James tried to get her fired when she was still with the prominent network

Former ESPN reporter, Allison Williams, made news recently when she was let go over a company-wide vaccine mandate.

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Allison Williams would go on to do an in depth interview about her departure with ESPN. During the tell-all, she was highly critical of president Joe Biden, and likened his vaccine rhetoric to that of a dictator.

“If we don’t have freedom over our own bodies…we aren’t free,” Williams said. “That was scary to me, that is something a dictator says. That is not something a leader of free people says.”

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Allison Williams would elaborate on her vaccine take.

Via Media Ite:

“I have never been so jarred by anything a president said,” Williams said while acknowledging we just spent four years with Donald Trump in office. “To hear the leader of the free world stand up and say, ‘this isn’t about your freedom, I thought ‘oh my god, it is ALWAYS about our freedom.’”

When initially speaking on her decision not to stick with ESPN over their mandate, Allison Williams talked about how she felt she wasn’t being given certain human rights.

“Everybody acts like ‘this was your choice, you chose not to get it, so get a different job,” Williams told Kelly. “That’s not choice, that’s coercion. Consent is fundamental to everything we do if we want to be a free people.”

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