Analyst Questions Whether It’s Time For The Seahawks To Move On From Pete Carroll

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An ESPN reporter is beginning to wonder if this might be time for the Seahawks to move off of Pete Carroll, and it makes more sense than you might think

Pete Carroll has had an incredible run with the Seattle Seahawks. But the party appears to be coming to an end.

All offseason, it was reported that Russell Wilson has had enough of how much power Carroll has in the organization. And he would like more say when it comes to the team’s roster decisions. Now, we’re seeing what Carroll’s Seahawks are without Wilson under center.

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On Monday, a Geno Smith ran Seahawks offense was wholly unable to move the ball, proving that the days of being a top team in the NFC are likely coming to an end. As always, Russell Wilson is going to try to come back in a few weeks and save the Seahawks season. But when it’s all said and done, will it be enough to continue to push away the notion that Pete Carroll may no longer be the guy for Seattle?

During a segment this week, ESPN’s Mina Kimes posed that same question about Carroll.

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Pete Carroll has been ridiculed in years past for continuously spending big on his declining defense, while leaving Russell Wilson to get hit too much. He has a run-first mentality, but refuses to admit that his team isn’t built for that, and his stubbornness is likely holding the team back from properly building around Wilson’s talents.

No, I don’t believe Carroll is on the “hot seat” at this moment. But as the year progresses, and the Seahawks continue to drift further away from the contending team that we’ve been used to seeing, it feels inevitable that the conversation will turn to Carroll.

The coach has nothing left to prove, and now might be the perfect time for Pete Carroll to let someone else try to turn the Seahawks around.

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