Antonio Brown Allegedly With Toilet Licking OnlyFans Model Night Before The Jets Game

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Antonio Brown was reportedly with Ava Louise, the toilet licking "Coronavirus challenge" model just hours before his outburst during Jets game

The Antonio Brown story was bound to drag on, but now it’s taken on a much stranger direction,

According to Ava Louise, the social media influencer who went crazy viral in 2020 for performing the “Coronavirus challenge” of licking an airport toilet seat, she slept with AB the night before his tirade against the Jets.

Per Daily Mail:

“NFL star Antonio Brown smuggled the influencer who went viral for licking a toilet seat into his hotel room for a steamy romp the night before he stormed off the field during a game, can reveal. Brown, 33, snuck glamorous lingerie blogger Ava Louise, 23, into the Westin in Jersey City, New Jersey last Saturday in defiance of the NFL’s Covid rules – and filmed a series of pornographic videos during the romp.

Blonde Louise, who shot to fame in 2020 after she filmed herself licking a toilet seat in a bid to catch Covid, told she spent an hour with the wide receiver and snuck past security to join Brown for the sex session

‘So, I was like this is a really weird situation. He kept mumbling and then waking up and saying, “I’m going to give you tickets, I can’t wait for you to see what I do tomorrow. I can’t wait for you to see me tomorrow.”

Antonio Brown never ceases to amaze us. But even by his standards, this story is pretty damn wild.

Since Sunday, AB has accused Bruce Arians and the Bucs of orchestrating a cover up of his ankle injury while putting pressure on him to play through it despite his best interest and wishes.

In response, the Bucs have claimed that his outburst was related to his lack of targets. And that they were not made aware that he was feel ankle discomfort during Sunday’s game.

Sure enough, Ava Louise was rocking some Bucks gear during her latest Instagram.

Check out more of Antonio Brown’s reported fling below:

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