Antonio Brown’s Brother Blasts Him, Reveals Reason for Meltdown

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Antonio Brown’s brother is trending.

Desmond Brown is speaking out about his brother following Antonio’s major outburst and meltdown during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ comeback win against the New York Jets this past weekend.

The former college football player spoke with the Daily Caller. He blasted his brother for his erratic behavior. He also has a theory on why the Buccaneers wide receiver came to the conclusion he wasn’t going to reach the bonuses in his contract, and decided to leave the game in bizarre fashion.

“Desmond wondered if “maybe something happened in the locker room” prior to the game or at halftime, and thinks that his brother exhibited “a real selfish move to leave [in the] middle of the game like that though,” citing that “there’s no honor in quitting.”

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The disgruntled wide receiver took to Twitter a few hours after the incident, posting a photo of himself captioned, “Super Gremlin.”

Desmond pointed out:

“Super Gremlin” is Kodak Black’s new song, “a rapper that’s from Florida near from where we’re from. It’s a song about being betrayed by people that was close to you.” Desmond presumes Buccaneers Head Coach Bruce Arians was the one who Antonio thinks betrayed him but doesn’t “want to point any fingers because [he] could be wrong.” He also said he “thought AB wasn’t gonna play today because [he] thought he had hurt his ankle. So maybe that has something to do with it.”

To Desmond, it “seems like he feels he was treated unfairly … and now he’s getting some type of self reflection or self awakening. He probably realizes now that it might be over for playing in the NFL because that’s what he do and not who he is.”

Antonio’s younger brother reiterated that he hopes everything works out for the NFL star-wideout.

You know when even your brother doesn’t have your back, you’re probably not a good guy.

AB needs mental health help immediately.

No one in their right mind acts like he does.

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