Former Cubs Player Aramis Ramirez Says Bob Brenly’s Commentary Was Discriminatory During His Time In Chicago

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Former Cubs third baseman Aramis Ramirez thinks the D-Backs should fire announcer Bob Brenly after comments on Marcus Stroman's durag

Retired MLB star Aramis Ramirez recently called thinks Arizona Diamondbacks broadcaster Bob Brenly has had a long history of subtle racism after his latest on-air blip has gotten him in some trouble.

Brenly is under fire this week after making a tone-deaf joke about Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman’s durag.

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Bob Brenly–who used to be the color-commentator for the Chicago Cubs, was called out by former Cubs third baseman Aramis Ramirez, who feels like these comments are nothing new.

Ramirez says Brenly was overly critical of the latino Cubs players, but would never pick on the white ones.

“It felt weird because every time he attacked somebody, it was a Latin player for some reason,” Ramírez said of his time in Chicago to The Athletic.

While Aramis Ramirez was always considered one of the Cubs best hitters during his time in Chicago, Bob Brenly would often criticize the third baseman for his inability to come through with a big RBI.

“I never got a clutch hit, that I was a numbers stacker,” Ramirez claimed Brenly used to say.

Brenly made similar comments on a local radio show in 2011.

“It’s hard to think back recently, especially last year, and remember any big RBIs that he had or any period of time where they won a lot of games because of the way Aramis was swinging the bat,” Brenly said at the time.

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Aramis Ramirez said he never faced similar treatment during his time in the U.S. from anyone except for Bob Brenly. He also hopes that the D-Backs fire the broadcaster.

“I see what you guys are going through with the racial stuff,” Aramis Ramírez said. “It’s just the timing, I don’t think he deserves a second chance. I think he already had it.

Bob Brenly released a statement to The Athletic, saying he was sorry that he was, “sorry that my work offended Aramis, as I think of him as one of the most successful players of his generation.”

Bob Brenly would also reveal that he’s stepping away from broadcaster for a week to go through some sensitivity training.

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