Bart Scott Suggests Ravens Will Be Head Hunting Joe Burrow

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ESPN's Bart Scott is trending on Thursday morning after pleading with Josh Allen to take Viagra prior to the playoff game against the Pats

Joe Burrow threw for a franchise-record 525 yards in the Week 16 win over the Baltimore Ravens.

The Bengals win completed a season sweep of the Ravens.

Burrow and other Bengals said they weren’t sorry for running up the score, it’s not Pee-Wee football according to Burrow.

And former NFL player Bart Scott is very upset about it.

Bart says the Ravens will be seeking revenge on Burrow. Interestingly, his take included words like “killers” and “red dots” and “headhunters” when talking about what the Baltimore defense will want to do to Burrow.

“The last thing you want to do is poke the bear…you won a lifetime a** kicking from the Baltimore Ravens…our rival is the Pittsburgh Steelers…it’s called red dot. Every former Raven understands what red dot means.”

“Listen, the order’s been sent. The order’s been sent. We call it ‘the red dot’ in Baltimore and it’s on him for the rest of his career. He’s going to regret he ever did that. [Bengals head coach] Zac Taylor you’re going to regret that when your ass is fired in four years,” Scott said.

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Twitter was not a fan of his comments:

I’m pretty sure Joe Burrow will laugh it off just like Bart’s co-hosts did.

ESPN probably loves when their guys make the blogs…

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