Bishop Sycamore Coaches Demanding Compensation Before Agreeing To Any Interviews

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A "Dan Patrick Show" producer revealed that Bishop Sycamore coaches and employees have been demanding compensation before agreeing to any interviews

The Bishop Sycamore story just keeps getting stranger and stranger.

The nation is now fully convinced that Bishop Sycamore fabricated their entire school in order to have their football team play against prominent opponents all over the country. Their PO Box for the school was found to be a random address, which they say was done to protect students. And they’re also not even recognized by the Ohio Department of Education this year. Last year, the school was listed as a “non-chartered, non-tax supported school” because of religious reasons.

While the media has been trying to contact the Bishop Sycamore coaches or representatives, they have ben making monetary demands for an interview.

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How much money does Bishop Sycamore want?

Dan Patrick Show producer Todd Fritz revealed this on Wednesday.

“There was a message back to me basically saying ‘what type of compensation is involved because we’re going through all this duress and stress and everything.’ I guess maybe they would feel better if they were getting some kind of money for coming on the show,” Fritz said.

“We don’t pay guests. Fifty dollars? One hundred dollars? How much is enough? Like, how much is it for a high school coach?”

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Bishop Sycamore recently fired the coach from last week’s game, Roy Johnson, after it was revealed that he let the team play two games in three days.

It was also revealed that there is an arrest warrant out for Johnson. And the governor of Ohio even weighed in on all the Bishop Sycamore madness.

It appears as though the rails are falling off of Bishop Sycamore’s whole operation.

If they don’t figure out a way to explain themselves soon, I can’t see how they could continue on with playing high school sports.

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