Bo Bichette Hit A Home Run Out Of Fenway Park And It Somehow Landed In The Spot Where His Parents First Met

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The baseball gods were watching down on Toronto Blue Jays Star Bo Bichette this week.

Bichette hit an absolutely mammoth home run over the Green Monster in Fenway Park on Wednesday night.

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The crazy part? The ball Bo Bichette hit left the ballpark and landed at the same spot where a fitness club used to exist. It also just so happens that Bichette’s parents met at that exact gym.

Bo’s father, Dante, played for the Brewers back in the day, and would work out at the former gym whenever he would play the Red Sox. Dante met his future wife, Mariana, at the gym, and the rest was history.

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Apparently, former Brewers hitting coach Don Baylor played a central role in Bo Bichette’s parents meeting at the Boston gym.

Per the SABR: Bichette’s routine while in Boston was to work out at a Gold’s Gym across the street from Fenway Park, just behind the Green Monster. After taking early batting practice before one game, he walked over.

“I walk in, and this girl is walking away from me. And she turns around, and I’m thinking, ‘Wow. I could marry this girl,’ Bichette recalled. “I never said anything to her. I was too scared.”

Bichette walked back to Fenway, where he saw Baylor.

“I said, ‘Don, I just saw a girl I could marry.’ And he said, ‘Did you ask her out?’” Bichette remembered. “I told him I didn’t, that I was too scared.”

Baylor made Bichette walk back over to the gym and ask Mariana out. They celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in 2018.

“God bless him. I owe Don Baylor a lot,” said Bichette of his friend and former manager, who died on August 7, 2017. “He was put into my life for a reason.”

So, there ya go. Bo Bichette would not exist without the gym where he hit his home run to yesterday. Somethings you just cannot script.

Also, shout out to Don Baylor. An absolute legend. RIP

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