Brewers Pitcher Zack Godley Was Just The Victim Of One Of The Worst Calls Of All-Time By Umpire Marty Foster

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Brewers pitcher Zack Godley was the victim of the most absurd “obstruction” call I have ever seen in my entire life.

During the Brewers’ Wednesday afternoon game against the Marlins, Godley gave up a tapper back to him by Miami’s Isan Diaz. Godley scooped up the ball, and threw Diaz out at first.

At that point, first base umpire Marty Foster lost his damn mind. He pointed at Godley, ruling he obstructed Diaz’ path to first, despite the fact that he was no where near Diaz, or the base at the time he threw Diaz out.

Check out this madness:

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Sure enough, fans are lashing out against Marty Foster for his terrible judgement.



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I think it’s safe to say that Marty Foster owes us all an explanation on how the hell he just called an obstruction on that play.

He probably owes Zack Godley an apology, as well.

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