Cam Newton Takes to Instagram to Complain About Not Being on a Roster

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FS1 hot takes expert Skip Bayless is absolutely obsessed with the fact that his Dallas Cowboys refuse to give Cam Newton a contract

Cam Newton is currently a free agent, and it appears all signs point to him not being on a roster anytime soon. Cam will just have to wait and see if any team requires his unique set of skills as the season unfolds.

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But Cam isn’t about to lay down and pretend like his best days are behind him. According to Cam, he still  has what it takes.

Cam took to Instagram to proclaim he should still be starting for an NFL team.

“I’m gonna remove all doubt. I said it once. Now, I’ll say it again: there’s not 32 guys that are better than me, bro. And let’s be honest,” Newton said in the latest teaser on Thursday.

Cam better not bite the hand that feeds him. If he continues to run his mouth, it’s far less likely a team will want to give the former MVP another shot.

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