Charles Barkley Comments on Messages From Suns Owner Robert Sarver’s Wife to Former Suns Employees

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When the "NBA On TNT" show panned to James Harden walking into the locker room prior to the Warriors game, Charles Barkley couldn't help but question the star's fit

Charles Barkley is the latest to weigh in on Robert Sarver’s wife.

When talking about the Robert Sarver allegations of racism and misogyny during the NBA on TNT, the Suns legend said Sarver’s wife, Penny, shouldn’t be sending messages to former team employees.

“She cannot do that,” said Barkley, who played for the Suns during his NBA MVP season.

“This is an official investigation. She cannot be calling the witnesses. That’s 100% wrong.”

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The NBA has launched an investigation on the allegations against Sarver, the Suns and Phoenix Mercury. He is majority owner of the franchises.

“(NBA commissioner) Adam Silver has to step in,” Barkley said. “I don’t know whatever happened with the Suns, but what I do know is Adam Silver has got to step in and tell Robert Sarver, you or your wife cannot make, that’s lawyer 101. You can’t be talking to people, the witnesses, in the middle of an investigation. Everybody knows that one.”

ESPN reported that Penny Sarver sent messages by phone and through her Instagram account, @pennsar, to three former Suns employees, who have taken them as acts of intimidating.

She confirmed to ESPN that she sent the messages but said she didn’t do it to intimidate the ex-Suns employees.

“Over the weekend, I decided on my own to reach out to a few people to try to set the record straight and to share how disappointed and hurt I am by the lies that are circulating about my husband and The Suns organization,” Penny Sarver told ESPN. “I shared the betrayal that I felt and I touched on some of the pain that we are going through as a family. Any suggestion that I tried to ‘intimidate’ anyone is as silly as it is wrong and outrageous.”

Penny Sarver’s husband recently had another video surface, where his jokes don’t seem all that funny now.

Penny Sarver seems like she’s all in on her husband’s behavior.

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