Charlie Morton Proves He’s A Complete Psychopath By Getting Three Outs On A Broken Leg

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Shortly after Atlanta Braves ace Charlie Morton was removed from World Series Game One, it was revealed that he recorded three outs after breaking his leg

During Game One of the World Series, Braves ace Charlie Morton was hit in the leg with a comebacker.

At first, nothing seemed awry. But during the next inning, the Braves were forced to remove Morton when he came up in pain following a strikeout against Astros star Jose Altuve.

The Braves did a quick MRI after removing Charlie Morton that revealed the veteran had a break in his lower leg.

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The injury means that Charlie Morton was able to get three straight outs after breaking his leg initially when he was struck by a hard ground ball up the middle.

Fans everywhere were amazed with the toughness that Morton showed by continuing to pitch with a break in his f-king leg.

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Charlie Morton clearly didn’t want to leave the game, and was so unwavering that he wasn’t even checked by team doctors after he first broke his leg.

It’s entirely possible that Morton knew something was wrong in his leg and just said nothing in order to get as many outs as he possibly could before leaving the game.

Morton has been one of the best “big game” pitchers in the MLB for the past few seasons. And he showed the true bulldog mentality on Tuesday night.

The Braves will now be without Charlie Morton for the remainder of the World Series. But he undoubtedly gained respect from his teammates with his gutsy performance during Game One.

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