Chicago Sports Writer Speaks On Whether The Bears Could Lure Theo Epstein

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Theo Epstein is the greatest Chicago sports executive in recent memory. His triumph in breaking the Chicago Cubs’ 108-year drought makes him royalty in the city of Chicago forever. Theo Epstein stepped down as president of baseball ops for the Cubs this week. It’s time for him to map out his next challenge. With the Chicago Bears in shambles, Chicagoans have an idea.

Bring in Theo Epstein to run the Bears. Sounds crazy, I know. But could it be what the Chicago Bears need? Theo Epstein is one of the sharpest sports minds there is, and he loves Chicago. His family loves Chicago.

“Our plans are to continue to live in Chicago for the near term and potentially for long term,” Epstein said of his family via NBC Chicago. “We love it here. It’s home now, for our family.”


Theo Epstein To The Chicago Bears?

So what’s the problem? Take over the Bears, win another championship in Chicago, and your family gets to stay in the city they love for the long term. Right Theo?

Not so fast.

Chicago Tribune writer Brad Biggs was asked about the possibility of bears ownership luring Theo Epstein to take over the franchise. Here was his response.

“There were a ton of questions about the Bears potentially pursuing Epstein, who resigned as president of baseball operations for the Chicago Cubs on Tuesday. While that is the kind of outside-the-box thinking the Bears probably should use a little more often, I don’t believe the NFL is in Epstein’s future. He has made it known he would like to work in the MLB office one day or potentially be involved in a baseball ownership group. If there is a Cubs executive who potentially could cross over to football one day, it might be Epstein’s replacement, Jed Hoyer. I’m told he’s a very serious football fan and understands the game at a high level. If there’s one MLB executive with a thorough understanding of where the Bears are right now, though, it’s probably Washington Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo. He’s a Chicago guy and a die-hard Bears fan. Rizzo recently received a new contract from the Nationals, so I doubt he’s considering a career move to the NFL. He will be busy finding a bat to protect Juan Soto in the lineup and sort out some questions in the back end of his rotation,” Biggs wrote.

Yeah, I’m with Brad Biggs here, Theo Epstein is not switching over to the NFL. He is not taking over the Chicago Bears. It is a fun thought, though.

I bet Theo Epstein wouldn’t have drafted Mitchell Trubisky with the third pick. Just sayin’.

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