Christian McCaffrey’s Brother In Hot Water For Throwing Clipboard Into Stands

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Christian McCaffrey had a telling response to being forced to play Thursday Night Football when speaking about his hamstring injury

Oh Brother.

According to a report from the Denver Post, the University of Northern Colorado “reprimanded” an assistant coach after an event on the sideline reportedly injured an opposing fan. That coach was none other than NFL star running back Christian McCaffrey’s brother, Max.

Max McCaffrey, the brother of Carolina Panthers star Christian McCaffrey is now under fire.

“Max Demarais, a student from Butte High School in Montana, said McCaffrey broke his clipboard after UNC graduate quarterback and brother Dylan McCaffrey threw an interception in the second quarter.

Demarais taunted McCaffrey about his pants before the clipboard was thrown, hitting a fan in another row.

“I said, ‘Hey coach, maybe you should focus on how small your pants are, rather than breaking a clipboard,” the senior told the Tribune in a text message.”

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The victim is reportedly in his 60s and received brief medical attention.

“I was very surprised he tried throwing it at me,” Demarais said. “I was one of the only people standing in my section when I said it. I’m guessing he tried throwing it at me. Everyone around me freaked out, and I was just dumbfounded.”

“I’m not mad at the guy, but what he did wasn’t right,” Demarais said of McCaffrey. “The guy who got hit deserves an apology.”

According to the report, all the fan wants is an apology from the coach.

Say you’re Sorry and move on Max.

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