Clay Travis Trending Over Writing Ridiculous Story On Sarah Fuller

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Sarah Fuller broke many barriers when she came the first women to play in a power-five college football conference during this past season. The Vanderbilt kicker received heavy praise, and was immediately a celebrity (and with good reason). Even though Sarah Fuller was well-celebrated for her feat, some people didn’t care for all the attention she was receiving.

Outkick’s Clay Travis was one of those people. The outspoken, conservative sports media personality caught wind that Fuller was benched during a Vanderbilt women’s soccer game, and somehow found it necessary to write a story about it.

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Sure enough, many people on Twitter came to the aid of Sarah Fuller after Clay Travis’s absurd article.

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Yeah, there is no way to spin this one to make Clay Travis look OK.

I get it, it’s his “thing” to try to rile up the politically left-leaning people, while giving his followers material that will keep them coming back for more…but this is such a dumba** piece.

I refuse to read it, but to even write a story about a college women getting benched in her sport is messed up. Especially given that the only reason you’re even writing that piece is to mock her football career.

To use Sarah Fuller as a prop for his propaganda was just crossing the line. And Clay Travis will undoubtedly continue with more BS just like this.

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