Cowboys Receiver Noah Brown Rips Jason Kelce For His ‘Cornball’ Response To Ben Simmons Situation

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Dallas Cowboys receiver Noah Brown took issue with how Eagles offensive lineman Jason Kelce called out Ben Simmons to look cool for the fans

Jason Kelce successfully received some love from the Philly faithful when he publicly condemned the way Ben Simmons was treating the fan base.

“I tell guys, you write your own narrative. I don’t want to crush any other players, but what’s going on with the 76ers, Ben Simmons, stuff like that, all of that is because of a lack of accountability, a lack of owning up to mistakes and a lack of correcting things,” Kelce said. “If all that got corrected, if you’re fixing free throws, if you’re getting better as a player, none of this is happening. So everybody can bitch and complain about how tough this city is to play in. Just play better, man. This city will love you.”

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While most people in Philly and around sports were quick to give Jason Kelce a bunch of praise for his Ben Simmons quote, some athletes aren’t buying it.

Specifically, Cowboys receiver Noah Brown – who took to social media to call out Kelce for jumping on Simmons when he was down just to get a rise out of his fan base.

“All these Philly athletes tryna hit on Simmons for a extra pat on the back from Philly fans,” Brown wrote. “Cornball activity.”

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He added:

“Idk when speaking on another man habits and accountability to something that ain’t got shit to do w you became cool.”

Ben Simmons recently told the Sixers that he was currently unfit to play due to some mental health constraints. And while some reports indicate that the team isn’t buying it, it appears as thought the point guard will be out for the foreseeable future.

I kind of agree with Noah Brown that Jason Kelce was reaching here just to show his Philly people that he had their back. But in the guy’s defense, it worked.

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