Craig Counsell Lashes Out Against Brutal Obstruction Call

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Craig Counsell and the Milwaukee Brewers were victims of one of the worst calls I have ever seen during their game against the Marlins on Wednesday afternoon.

Pitcher Zack Godley threw out Marlins second baseman Isan Diaz at first base following a weak come-backer. First base umpire Marty Foster then ruled Diaz safe due to obstruction by Godley. It was a truly atrocious call, given that Godley was never near Diaz, and the play at first was already over by the time Diaz and Godley crossed paths.

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After the game, Counsell had some thoughts on the terrible obstruction call.

“It was a terrible call,” Counsell said via ESPN. “I have no idea what Marty was trying to make up there (or) what he saw. It’s even worse looking at the replay than I thought he might have seen.

“Bad call.”

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Marty Foster stood by his call when speaking to a pool of reporters after the game.

“A player without a ball, without making a play on a ball, is standing in the base path of the runner, impeding and hindering him,” Foster told a pool reporter. “And he (Diaz) actually makes a jog to the right to get out of his way, to get out of Godley’s way. That’s clear-cut obstruction. It doesn’t have to be contact. It just has to be hinder or obstruct, and that’s what happened.”

I think it’s safe to say that Marty Foster and Craig Counsell are never going to see eye-to-eye on this one.

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