David Carr Under Heavy Fire Over A Tweet Referencing The Fatal Crash Involving Henry Ruggs

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Former quarterback and brother of Derek Carr, David Carr, is being trashed on the web for sending out an incredibly stupid tweet about the Henry Ruggs crash

Derek Carr’s brother, David Carr, had an extremely strange reaction to the news surrounding Henry Ruggs on Tuesday.

According to a report, Ruggs is being charged with a DUI leading to death from an accident in Las Vegas just before 4 AM on Tuesday morning.

Instead of joining the masses to send thoughts and prayers to the victim and their family, David Carr opted to make the whole thing about his brother.

“When the Raiders make the Super Bowl this year, I will argue, successful I might add, that not only is Derek the MVP, I will make the case there has NEVER been a more valuable player,” Carr said in a since-deleted tweet.

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To no one’s surprise, many people on social media didn’t take too kindly to David Carr’s message.

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After being heavily ridiculed, David Carr sent out an apologetic message.

“I’ll try this again, my apologies if the last tweet sounded incentive, I just can’t imagine another team having to deal with so much off the field,” Carr wrote. “It obviously hits a little to close to home for a brother.”

Derek Carr has yet to speak on the Henry Ruggs situation.

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