Eli Manning Apologizes for Flipping Double Birds on Live TV

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Social media had all the jokes after Peyton and Eli Manning had their Monday night Football broadcast interrupted by Eli's fire alarm

Eli Manning is sorry for flipping America the double birds.  During an interview with former NFL defensive end Chris Long in the fourth quarter of Monday’s game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys, Eli Manning, no stranger to the NFC East fan bases, described his past run-ins with the Eagles’ infamous fans.

While Eli began telling a story of a 9-year-old giving him the double bird, his older brother Peyton egged on his little brother to throw out both middle fingers, which Eli did.

Eli: “You’re getting the double bird right away from a 9-year-old kid.”

Peyton: “Do it, do it.”

Eli: “I would give the bird — I don’t know, can we do that? I’m sure you can blur that out, right?”

See below:

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ESPN couldn’t remove the two finger salute from live television.

One commercial break later, Eli was apologizing to the audience for flipping them off, to the entertainment of Long.

Peyton also apologized for egging Eli on.

See the apology below:

And Eli is supposed to be America’s sweetheart.

If anyone can do this and there’s no ill will, it’s Eli Fricking Manning.

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