Emily Mayfield Addresses Controversy of Deleted Tweet

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Fs1 Host Colin Cowherd vowed on Tuesday that he was going to stop talking about Baker Mayfield on his show, which has been his most heavily used talking point for years

Looks like Emily Mayfield is doing a bit of PR for her man.

“No one better say anything bad about Baker Mayfield after this game I don’t think I have seen toughness like this in a while. Maybe the rest our team should take the hint and get tougher.”

Mayfield re-shared the statement from another Instagram user to her story, before she deleted it.

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Emily Mayfield has since addressed the controversy on Twitter.

“I also love the guys on this team. I respect every single one of them. Make a story out of whatever you want; I’m NEVER hating on them. They put it out there every week, many have injuries no one ever hears about, and they’re all tough as hell!” she wrote.

You have to check what you’re posting about your husband’s work.

She along with some other NFL family members make it more difficult for these guys to do their jobs.

Maybe she should just give social media a rest, or just not post anything about Baker’s livelihood.

Check out more of Baker’s wife below:

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