ESPN Insider Says It’s ‘Inevitable’ Seahawks Will Trade Russell Wilson

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Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson is not officially requesting a trade. His agent was kind enough to provide the list of teams he’d be willing to be traded to. That’s because Russ has a no trade clause in his contract. There have been no reports from the Seahawks brass about Russell’s status with the team. Now he may not be traded now, but according to an ESPN insider, it’s going to eventually happen.

“Several high-ranking people I’ve spoken to believe [a Russell Wilson trade] is an inevitability, maybe not this off-season, but next off-season because of the growing tension that isn’t right now, it’s been a couple years,” Fowler said.]

“Russell Wilson has grown increasingly frustrated with the lack of personnel input, particularly the investment from the team on the offensive line over the last 8-10 years,” Fowler said. “He’s wanted more of that. He hasn’t gotten it. It’s resulted in some heating up moments internally, with the team and the coaching staff.”

“He’s really throwing a lot of different flavors out there, and that’s by design from what I’m told,” Fowler said. “He wants to give himself a variety of options. This is a short list he’s had for a while in his back pocket.”

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Pete Carroll is too old to hit the reset button with the Seahawks. My guess is they’re going to have to bend over backwards to make Russ happy. They’re best chance of winning will be to let Russ cook.

Until he officially requests a trade, nothing is going to happen.

Russ pretty much fired a warning shot to let his employers know he’s not a happy camper.

NFL hot stove is on fire this offseason.

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