Super Bowl Result Already Known? Former Running Back Larry Johnson Doubles Down on Claim

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Former Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson is back at it again with his absurd claims. This time, he thinks he has proof that Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and Antonio Brown are all part of NFL’s plan to script the games based on what will sell to their viewer.

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Johnson took to Twitter on Monday to call out the whole system, saying Brady, Gronk and Brown are all part of ‘occult’.

“Super Bowl – Tampa Tom Brady – Tampa Gronkowski – Tampa Antonio Brown – Within a year (Steelers/Raiders/Patriots) Tampa Tampa Bay ends up in Super Bowl LV in Tampa within 3 years of announcing location (2017) ‘Ah I nEeD mOrE pRoOf,'” Larry Johnson wrote.

Larry Johnson also thinks that the NFL’s sign-off of each game is a hint that they’re scripting everything we watch.


I’m honestly starting to worry about Larry Johnson a little bit. If his social media presence is any indication, it looks like he might have a screw or two loose.

Johnson played in nine seasons, retiring as a member of the Miami Dolphins after the 2011 season. His most productive span was when he rushed for over 1,700 yards as a member of the Chiefs in both 2006 and 2006.

Larry Johnson only played in one playoff game throughout his career. Maybe that has something to do with why he’s so convinced that the league has some sort of elaborate scheme in place.

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