Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott on Hot Mic; Drunk or Stoned Debate & S.I. Lawsuit Threat Follow

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Dallas Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott on hot mic saying he was "low-key faded." Stoned or drunk debate & S.I. lawsuit threats follow.

In a developing story it seems like Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott has found another creative way into the news cycle. Fans and media are gradually spinning up a story from this weekend the first round fantasy draft pick had what tech support experts refer to as a PEBCAK (“problem exists between chair and keyboard”) when he forgot to turn off his Zoom live-stream. Not realizing he was on a hot mic, Zeke would go on to say to I’m not sure who that he was “low-key faded.”

This immediately sparked some intense debate on social media about the meaning of Ezekiel Elliott’s no longer “low-key” sate of mind. Many were quick to assume that the running back meant he was high, as stated in the initial tweet.

Others would come to Ezekiel Elliot’s defense saying that, to them, the term “faded” has always referred to drinking.


The entire discussion was perfectly summed up by one Twitter user:

Ezekiel Elliott himself would grab onto this claim, and others mention that he had earlier referenced having a few drinks during his live-stream. By Monday night, the running back was having none of the way this story was being reported by some major media outlets. The focus of his outrage was on Sports Illustrated. The struggling operation initially ran the story under the headline “Ezekiel Elliott Forgets to Log Off, Admits to Being High on Twitch: Traina Thoughts.”

Not willing to leave it at threats of a potentially company-ending lawsuit, Ezekiel Elliott would get another Twitter jab in.

Gossip site?! Hey some people need those clicks, OK? Sports Illustrated would go on to retract the story, deleting most of the original report and changing their headline, while printing a correction: “Correction: Elliott responded to our original story and said “faded” referred to a few drinks he had while streaming. A previous version of this story included a headline with an incorrect interpretation of Elliott’s meaning of “faded.” We apologize and regret the error.”

Speaking of gossip, let’s not forget that in addition to being sued by a former pool maintenance worker for an alleged second dog attack incident, Ezekiel Elliot is also nursing a case of Covid-19, which probably doesn’t mix well with booze or weed.

Anyway, as a Giants fan, I’m just really glad I got to take over the team in the Awesemo Dynasty Draft that took this guy in the first round. Should be a fun year.

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